Knife Thrower Live TV: Assistant’s Hand Cut By Knife When Live Act Goes Horribly Wrong

A knife thrower on live TV was a bit shaky (to say the least) while showing off his “skills” on Lithuania’s Got Talent. According to the New York Daily News, the knife thrower began his routine, tossing weapons toward his assistant who bravely stood in front of a wood board. As the knives were thrown, it was clear to see that the blades were coming just a little bit too close to the assistant’s body.

“Blades soar towards his body as the thrower tries to pin them to a wooden board. The stunt appears to begin well as a knife is flung into one of the cards. However, the second attempt lands too low — and cuts open the assistant’s left-hand fingers.”

The knife thrower who made his live TV debut is being called “the worst in the world” by Mail Online. As the man and his assistant stood before the judges to hear their feedback, you can probably imagine how the crowd looked on in confusion, likely still surprised by what they had just witnessed — or they could have been watching the blood being wiped off the ground.

“The performance then ends, and while the group stand together to listen to the judges’ verdict, the knife thrower can be seen trying to inconspicuously wipe blood off the stage with his shoe.”

Of course the stunt could have been far worse, say, if one of the knives actually pierced the assistant. Sources say that he is lucky that all he suffered was a fairly small cut (considering). It’s unknown how the assistant and the knife thrower actually met or how long they’ve been working together, but there was certainly a lot of trust between the two. That was made clear when the assistant didn’t move after getting cut by the blade of a knife. In fact, he managed to keep a straight face, for the most part.

Stunts can easily go wrong, especially when someone is nervous or doesn’t properly prepare. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a man doing a rope stunt back in 2013 died when his stunt didn’t go as planned.

“[The] length of rope to swing from the arch was miscalculated and when [Stocking] swung under the arch, he struck the ground … receiving fatal injuries,” said Grand County sheriff’s Lt. Kim Neal at the time. A video of that stunt was uploaded to YouTube and dubbed “The World’s Largest Rope Swing.”

The video of the knife thrower on live TV was released online on Monday.

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]