Mom Crashes Car While Filming Children In Backseat, Video Goes Viral A Year Later

Effie Orfanides

A mom crashed her car while taking a cell phone video of her children in the backseat, and the video is going viral. According to the Stir, the video shows a couple of kids in the backseat of a car, singing and dancing, but after about a minute, the car that they are riding in crashes. While no one was injured, the video is circulating in hopes of people realizing how dangerous it is to use your cell phone to film things while you are driving. The Stir had some words of caution, below.

"Those viral videos we see of kids goofing off in the backseat are cute and all, but they're not worth totaling your car and harming everyone inside. Don't have a passenger to film it? Don't do it."

The video of the mom recording her kids and crashing her car was published on YouTube nearly a year ago. According to Jamn 94.5, there is a very strong message behind the video, and while it may be difficult to watch, it's certainly a lesson that many people need to learn. Cell phone use, when coupled with operating a vehicle, can cause accidents, and that's nothing to take chances with.

Texting while driving seems to be the focus of many ads that stress being careful while operating a vehicle. However, recording video while driving is also dangerous. States and cities have chosen to enforce laws that are meant to keep people safe while behind the wheel. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, San Antonio, Texas, just passed a law prohibiting drivers from holding their cell phones while driving. While talking on the phone via Bluetooth is allowed, drivers caught with a cell phone in their hands will face a $200 fine.

Caution: The video above does contain explicit language.

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]