Woman Confronts Opposite Sex Friendships, 3 Million Views Viral on Facebook [Video]

Interestingly enough, opposite sex friendships occur during relationships nowadays. However, in a world where many couples seem to fade into carefree, trust-issues lifestyles, some still value and revere the essences of relationship foundations and trustworthiness. Such is the case with inspirational-speaker Heather Hill.

Hill — a 26-year-old native of Biloxi, Mississippi — states the following.

“Oh my gosh. I just had confirmation about this topic I touched on a little while back — about having the opposite sex as your friend when in a committed relationship or marriage.”

“People… when I say there is no such thing, there is no such thing.”

And from studies shown from several, different surveys and market research polls, the percentages prove Hill correct.

A statement from Medical Daily reads as follows.

“Whether he’s the one that got away, the office husband, or a gym partner, chances are he is the ‘Plan B’ man you fantasize about running away with. Like an insurance policy, this man is the handpicked boyfriend or husband replacement you have on standby once ‘plan A’ starts to break down on you…”

“… This man isn’t any rookie; he’s likely to be one of the woman’s all-star friends she’s had around for seven years. More than four in 10 women admitted they had got to know this man while they were with their partner, while almost the same percent said he was ‘on the scene’ long before the relationship.”

This information is based on data from an online market research company called OnePoll.

But, as Hill states in her video, the issues of opposite-sex friendships apply to both male and females alike. In the same manner that women can have backup-plans, men have a similar tendency. This also opens up to infidelity in the relationship. Surely, there is a reason why these individuals have made it into the “backup plan” ranks, right? There’s a connection, whether physically or emotionally.

Unfortunately, there are more staggering numbers. According to the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy — data provided by Statistic Brain — 68 percent of women say that they would have an affair if they knew they wouldn’t get caught.

Relevantly, the singer/rapper Chris Brown states the following in one of his songs.

“These h**s ain’t loyal.”

Yet, ironically, the numbers go even higher for men. The same research shows that 74 percent of men would do the same.

So, definitely, Hill addresses a largely ignored and ill-communicated paradigm about the likelihood — rather, unlikelihood — of friendships with those of the opposite sex. Many may need to hear her viewpoint, as it is statistically backed and supported.

With Valentine’s Day 2015 approaching, eliminating these potentially-threatening opposite-sex friendships may be the best gift you could give to your significant other. It’s about making life-choices, right? Resolve trust issue ammunition.

Sadly, these trust issues can have grave effects on people’s lives.

You broke me so much im incapable of having a normal relationship. Plus you gave me #trustissues #cheater

— Kirstin Beach (@kirstinbeach1) October 14, 2012

As Hill says, “his friends are not my friends.” Likewise, possibly a woman’s friends should not be his friends?

What are your thoughts on opposite-sex friendships? Do you agree or disagree with Heather Hill?

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