Portia De Rossi’s Ultimate Revenge On Ellen DeGeneres: Caught On Video

You know what they say about payback — now Ellen DeGeneres has gotten a dose of her own by her actress wife, Portia de Rossi.

It all started when Ellen decided to play a prank on Portia by secretly video recording her working out in the privacy of home to a Jane Fonda training video. According to Daily Mail, it all started when Ellen asked Portia if she could watch her do her workout.

Portia was fine with that, but little did she know that Ellen was actually standing behind her giggling as she was videoing the entire arm-flailing, leg-kicking exercise routine.

To make matters worse, Ellen posted the video to over 17 million followers on Facebook with the following caption.

“Portia said it was okay if I watched her do her Jane Fonda workout. She didn’t say anything about filming it and putting it on Facebook.”

Ellen also shared the video with her TV audience of The Ellen Show, with millions of viewers laughing at Portia’s expense.

Portia was a good sport, but swore “it was on,” and according to Inquisitr, Portia warned Ellen that “payback was on its way.”

Portia bided her time until Ellen was doing a workout of her own, sprinting on the treadmill. Portia snuck up behind Ellen who, wearing earbuds and unaware that Portia was filming, began belting out the lyrics to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” as revealed by E! Online.

Portia can’t help but snicker to herself as Ellen blares out to the top of her lungs, “Don’t believe me? Just watch!” The snickers soon turned into all-out laughter when Ellen realized she was one upped as Portia walks in front of her with the camera.

Moments later, Portia’s video of her revenge on Ellen also appeared on Facebook to millions.

Guess Portia learned from the master.

[Photo Credit: Anthony Harvey/Getty via Popsugar.com]