Beanie Sigel Lung Removed Due To Drive-By Shooting Damage

Rapper Beanie Sigel reportedly had his lung removed recently.

TMZ reported on Wednesday that there was nothing else that doctors could do to save the lung, which is why the non-elective removal surgery was conducted.

According to the report, Beanie Sigel’s lung was filled with bullet fragments after being a victim of a drive-by shooting last month. After spending nearly a month in the hospital since December 5, reports confirm that Beanie Sigel has been released.

He was transferred directly to Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation, which is located in Pomona, New Jersey. TMZ reports that Beanie Sigel will spend the next three months at that institute learning how to live with a single lung.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Beanie Sigel was shot in the stomach in December during a drive-by shooting as he returned home shortly after taking his children to school. The bullet reportedly went straight through the rapper’s stomach and exited through his back.

Police officers reportedly believed that Beanie Sigel was not the target of the shooting. On the contrary, the man that was standing next to the 40-year-old rapper at the time was the primary target of the drive-by shooting. As of right now, the person responsible for shooting Beanie Sigel in the stomach is still on the loose.

Several months prior to the drive-by shooting, Beanie completed a two-year prison sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution, Schuylkill. He was transferred to a reentry center based in Philadelphia on August 14. Reports confirm that Sigel was serving time in prison due to tax evasion charges. The rapper admitted that he failed to pay taxes for three years on over $1 million of generated income.

Authorities also confirmed that Beanie Sigel failed to file returns or pay taxes between 1999 and 2002 as well — bringing his total bill to to the IRS (according to prosecutors) up to well over $700,000.

The December shooting was not the first time that the State Property actor had been shot in the past. Back in 2006, he was reportedly shot numerous times in the arm after a robbery attempt in Philadelphia.

Beanie Sigel, whose real name is Dwight Grant, is primarily known for his successful rap career on such record labels as Roc-A-Fella Records and the Dame Dash Music Group.

Three of his most successful albums made it to the top five on the Billboard album chart — including The Truth (2000), The Reason (2001) and The B. Coming (2005).

[Image Credit: BET]