Obamacare Winners And Losers [Video]

Some American families find that ObamaCare is helping to improve their lives, both financially and with respect to their health. On the other hand, others just cannot afford paying the health insurance premiums and are hurt by the requirements of ObamaCare.

Fox 4 News reports Melissa McFarland’s circumstances.

“Before, our family, we were paying about $500 a month, but now it’s gone up to $748 for our family. I know if something catastrophic happened, we would definitely need it. But I’d almost rather pay out of pocket because we don’t go to the doctor that much.”

McFarland is self-employed. She owns three 9Round fitness centers in Kansas City. Melissa said the family would rather have their hard earned money go towards family expenses and the business. However, their deductible increased by more than one thousand dollars.

McFarland explained that the higher costs are related in part to ObamaCare requiring 10 fundamental benefits, which includes maternity care.

She had this to say about ObamaCare.

“Don’t need it. Don’t need it so we’re paying for that, yeah.”

In contrast, five-year-old Devyn is one of the ObamaCare beneficiaries, to some degree. Most unfortunately, Devyn suffers with a blood disorder called hemophilia. Prior to ObamaCare, Missouri Medicaid was the only insurance Jaime Hood could get for her son, Devyn. She paid nearly $1,000 each month in medical bills before the plan would kick in.

Jamie explained to Fox 4 News how her family’s healthcare expenses were prior to ObamaCare.

“We’ve got a very, very large stack of medical bills because you can’t go without treatment.”

However, ObamaCare positively changed the family’s circumstances. Private insurers could no longer deny coverage for Devyn and other people with pre-existing conditions. The new healthcare law meant Devyn could get financial support with private coverage.

ObamaCare made it possible for Hood to reduce the family’s health care expenses when she signed up to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City plan. Now the family is paying less than $100 a month for Devyn’s health care coverage.

ObamaCare has made a huge difference for Jamie Hood, her partner, and Devyn.

Jamie told Fox 4 News the difference ObamaCare has made in their lives.

“We’re able to hopefully get married, hopefully purchase a house, do things we couldn’t do before because we simply couldn’t afford it. I know that there’s no question that there will be coverage, I think is the biggest thing.”

February 15 is the deadline for uninsured Americans to obtain health insurance, or face a 2015 tax penalty. ObamaCare has its critics and supporters. It stands to reason the debate on the benefits and drawbacks of ObamaCare will prevail.

[Image courtesy of FiveNews]