‘Minecraft’ PlayStation And Xbox Upcoming Fixes Detailed By 4J Studios

Minecraft Title Update 19 was finally delivered to North American PlayStation 4 owners on Tuesday. That means 4J Studios can fully focus on fixing the bugs introduced in the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game, which players have already noticed.

Developer 4J Studios had previous stated that they were aware of issues transferring worlds from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One version of Minecraft. This issue has reared its head with the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions too.

Meanwhile, that save transfer problems with the Xbox 360 is something that will be addressed with the next Minecraft console update.

Those are not the only bugs that 4J Studios looks to squash in Minecraft though. The developer directly addressed a problem with achievements not unlocking for the Xbox One.

Other issues with horses and Redstone are also being addressed.

The studio has been keeping track of all the bug reports and confirming which will be fixed at the Minecraft Forum. Here’s a list of the common bugs found between all PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

  • Redstone issues
  • Crash when breaking an item frame with a Map in it
  • Crash when placing a boat on Lava or on fire
  • Noteblock sound stops at 16 blocks
  • Tamed Horses Despawning
  • Duplication Glitch
  • XP Bar vanishing after dismounting a Horse
  • Cave spiders aren’t poisoning players (Easy +)
  • Changing to Creative mode while in Adventure mode (#136)
  • Non-Hostile mobs don’t stop running once hit
  • Wrong recipe for Stone Brick Stairs
  • Wither Skeletons stop spawning in the Nether
  • Players remaining health is displaying incorrectly (Showing 0 while still alive)
  • If you hit a passive mob, it will never stop running.
  • TNT minecarts still explode even when TNT is turned off.

There’s also one bug that is specific to the PS3.

  • Stone Brick Slabs display as Cobblestone Slabs

What do you think so of the TU19 update for the Minecraft PlayStation and Minecraft Xbox Editions? Sound off in the comments below.

[Image via 4J Studios]