Mia Khalifa Gets Death Threats After Rising To The Top Of PornHub

I feel sorry for Mia Khalifa for a number of reasons. First off, Khalifa is receiving death threats after rising to the top of PornHub, as reported by the Independent in their article titled “Pornhub star Mia Khalifa receives death threats after being ranked site’s top adult actress.”

At least the beautiful Mia is taking the tweets in stride, and re-tweeting the best of them promising hellfire and brimstone for the Mia Khalifa X-rated actions on her official Mia Khalifa Twitter account.

‪@AhmadHamieh5: ‪@miakhalifa ur hot but ur also a disappointment and a shame for our country (Lebanon)” your boner must be so confused.”

This writer always finds it an intriguing double standard when women like Mia – who shares that famous Khalifa last name with rapper Wiz Khalifa and the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa – are held to a higher sexual standard of ethics than men, either due to her Middle Eastern background or just because she’s female.

No, this concern for Mia Khalifa feels more motherly, as if a voice crying in the Internet woods out to a younger woman, telling her it must feel amazing to make tons of money and be independent – but here’s hoping there are ways we can do it by using other body parts.

“I think ‪@miakhalifa has broken the Internet.”

MTV has covered the death threats Mia has received, specifically due to the fact that Khalifa reportedly wears a hijab during one of her X-rated films. There’s even a song titled “Mia Khalifa – Timeflies” that has contributed to the buzz around the star.

‪@miakhalifa‪ has had death threats and her own song in the same week. Safe to say she’s made it big.”

However, unlike the stone-throwers and finger waggers, I view the fate of Mia Khalifa in the light of my own wanton past – and think of the day that she might regret having been bestowed such an “honor” as the one recently achieved. I think of the porn actors who’ve tested positive for HIV, as reported by the Inquisitr. But more than that, I think of Mia’s soul, and all of us who’ve been misled for a time before we wised up and began walking a better path.

“Satan waiting patiently for ‪@miakhalifa in hell on a casting couch.”

So yeah, Mia Khalifa doesn’t need death threats, lusty views or holier-than-thou attitudes. Mia needs space, grace and prayers.