‘Destiny’ Legendary Gifts Now Available In-Game From Bungie, What Did You Get?

Bungie provided a late Christmas gift to Destiny players Wednesday. PlayStation and Xbox players should check out the Postmaster in the Tower the next time they log into the sci-fi shooter to see what an “Unknown Benefactor” may have left them.

The developer first teased the arrival of the gift yesterday with the following Twitter post.

Surprisingly, the turn-around on that promise happened quickly. Bungie notified Destiny players today that their gifts were being handed out.

Visiting the Postmaster in the Tower will reveal the gift from an “Unknown Benefactor.” Don’t expect anything Exotic like a Gjallarhorn or Ice Breaker though. Players from the Destiny subreddit are reporting that they are receiving Legendary primary, secondary, or heavy weapons. They appear to be from what is currently available from the Vendors in the game with random perks. It’s possible that these are only from the Vanguard vendor though.

Destiny players that run with two or three characters should not expect a Legendary gift for each. The gift appears to only be per account and not per character.

“Badger CCL for me. Everyone got their hopes up, but to be honest it’s a nice gesture. Especially for more casual players who are trying to save 150 marks to get a legendary weapon,” TJBee wrote on Reddit.

“Nice! I rolled “Another Nitc” with firefly, luck in the chamber, explosive rounds, and armor piercing rounds,” Lecard added.

“As a New Years noob (not exactly Christmas noob) this is cool. Looking forward to getting home,” said Jasirl89.

Not everyone is happy with their gift, however.

In reality, this gift will benefit those that are just getting started or still have characters that are in the 20-26 range or lower. Those that have been grinding out Nightfalls and Raids across three characters every week since the game launched last September are likely not going to get anything better than they already have.

What Legendary gift did Bungie leave for you at the Destiny Postmaster? Share what you received in the comments below.

[Image via Destiny sub-Reddit]