WWE News: Brock Lesnar And Paul Heyman Split Coming Due To Seth Rollins?

In what seems like an obvious scenario, Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar could be splitting. Many wonder why Heyman would do such, for over a decade he has been the advocate for Lesnar and helped him in every way possible. This in WWE and other ventures he has been part of. Lesnar and Heyman are the pairing that seemed to always last. WWE split them years ago due to the fact that Heyman had to work his heel career while Lesnar went on to be a babyface.

Since Lesnar works better as a heel, WWE made him a heel at the end of his career where he and Heyman were paired once more.

Both men are attached to the other’s career. When you think of Lesnar you think of Heyman and when you think of Heyman, you think of Lesnar. So why would WWE want to split the two, and what does Seth Rollins have to do with it all?

Brock Lesnar is pretty much confirmed to be out of WWE after WrestleMania 31. He wants to return to the MMA world where he had success in the past. Lesnar’s MMA career was cut a bit short due to a bout with diverticulitis. Before this, he was the UFC Heavyweight Champion who beat the likes of Frank Mir and Randy Couture. He also ended the undefeated streak of Shane Carwin. After his sickness, he lost his final fights.

Lesnar figured that he was not able to go back to MMA, but the wrestling world was open, which is why in 2012, Lesnar came back to WWE. WWE offered a good price for him, and he managed to bring eyes back to the company after WrestleMania 28 was over. Due to the fact that Lesnar was not the best mic worker, WWE brought back Paul Heyman to manage him.

Brock UFC

Lesnar’s schedule over time has been very small. He is on per date deals and only does TV. Heyman on the other hand works under contract. So he has been paired with people such as Ryback, Curtis Axel, Cesaro, and CM Punk since his return. He would also appear at live events with them.

The issue is that now Lesnar is leaving, Heyman is once again under contract. So there is a need for him to find someone else to manage. Many have wanted him to manage Seth Rollins due to the fact that he is a hot name that could use a Heyman touch to put him on another level. This might just be the plan.

According to Daily Wrestling News, the plan is to have Lesnar be upset that The Authority added another man to his match with John Cena. Rollins was added to the WWE World Heavyweight Title match at Royal Rumble this past week on WWE RAW by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. As we know, Lesnar was not there to respond. So on WWE RAW next week, Lesnar is set to appear and do so.

The idea is that Heyman does not want to get on the bad side of The Authority, so Lesnar getting mad at the power group will cause problems between the two. This would allow for Lesnar to potentially split from Heyman. Another monkey wrench being thrown in is the rumor that Heyman will then pair with Rollins. Lesnar leaving after WrestleMania is what makes this move obvious, as it will allow for Heyman to have a storyline guaranteed after Mania.

This would also mean, if the story goes to the length presumed, Lesnar will lose his WWE World Title at The Royal Rumble PPV and Rollins will walk out champion.

Seth Rollins, Heyman

The rumor is that John Cena will possibly beat Rollins, where Lesnar does not take the fall. This will infuriate Lesnar, causing him to attack Cena. Rollins would then cash-in his Money in the Bank opportunity and beat Cena for the title.

WWE does run into a problem though. By doing this, Lesnar will not work well alone. Heyman is the mouthpiece for The Beast Incarnate and without him, Lesnar would just show up to beat the crap out of people. A beast unleashed would need to be stopped, which is where Roman Reigns could come in.

An idea being thrown around is that the dissension between Lesnar and Heyman would result in the title being taken from Brock, but it would be accidental. Thus, not splitting the two up. Remember, since Lesnar does not have to be pinned, Lesnar would not have to take the fall that would hurt his dominate run. Rollins being added was a security measure in this to most.

It is said that WWE went back and forth on adding Rollins to the match for the past few weeks. It was only recently that they decided on doing it, which was probably due to WrestleMania plans changing up. It is thought that if WWE was able to re-sign Lesnar, the match would have never changed. The idea was always for Lesnar to lose at WrestleMania 31, regardless of if he signed. However, now that is a almost certainty that he won’t, WWE is switching plans up.

This in turn helps Seth Rollins, as it will most likely result in him walking into WrestleMania 31 as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Who will face however, is yet to be determined. Basically, this is WWE thinking to the future instead of relying on past stars, a request fans have asked for the last number of years.

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