Brandi Glanville Throws A Drink At Jeff Lewis, Cries On ‘Watch What Happens Live’

Brandi Glanville shocked viewers of Watch What Happens Live when she threw a glass of wine on her fellow guest Jeff Lewis as host Andy Cohen looked on.

According to Us Weekly, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star took aim at Lewis “for making a joke about STDs.”

“Cohen had asked Glanville if she could run her fingers through Lewis’ hair to prove he didn’t wear a toupee. The blonde housewife had refused to do that to her co-guest, but then Lewis made a quip, asking Cohen, ‘Could I get an STD from that?’” the magazine reported. “The joke didn’t appear to cause Glanville great distress, but when the show returned after a commercial break she wanted to revisit to the topic.”

“Before do this I have something to say to Jeff about the whole can you get an STD from me putting my hands through his hair,” Brandi Glanville said. “As long as you wet it….”

As she tossed her wine glass at Lewis’ head, Glanville told him, “I think you’ll be fine.”

After witnessing the wine toss, Cohen revealed Glanville and Lewis appeared to be fine during the commercial break and were even joking with one another. In response, Glanville said she and Lewis had talked about how she wrote about getting an STD from her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian, so when he made the joke, she felt it was “too close to the bone.”

Lewis, who didn’t realize his joke would hit home for the reality star, felt bad and apologized to her.

Unfortunately, Glanville was still upset and burst into tears moments later.

“I’m taking five,” she said as she appeared to cry into her hands.

Following the taping, Brandi Glanville took to Twitter, where she claimed she and Lewis weren’t fighting at all. In fact, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star says she and Lewis planned the whole thing in an effort to play a trick on Cohen.

“People @JLJeffLewis & I were joking!” she explained. “We are good friends!I turned around cuz I couldn’t stop laughing we wanted to fool Andy! #wefooledandy.”

A short time later, Glanville, who as the Inquisitr reported is currently starring on Celebrity Apprentice, further insisted her behavior was all for the cameras.

“Just getting bAck to my hotel,” she told fans. “It was just jokes for @Andy sake although @JLJeffLewis might have deserved it!#heartu #1st2foolAndy.”

As for Lewis, he has yet to tweet back to Brandi Glanville.

[Photo via Twitter]