Teresa Giudice Prison Staffers Will Be Fired If Any Photos Are Leaked Of ‘RHONJ’ Star

Teresa Giudice’s prison staffers will reportedly be fired if any photos are leaked of The Real Housewives of New Jersey star behind bars. According to a new report, the Danbury, Conn. prison where Giudice is serving a 15-month term has strict rules in place for their employees.

“Staffers were reminded that their personal cell phones aren’t allowed to be used during work hours, and no pictures of Teresa or any other inmates could be taken,” an insider revealed to Radar Online on January 6. “Several prison employees have told their bosses they have been approached by media outlets offering big money for pictures of Teresa behind bars.”

“There are very strict laws about inmate privacy and Teresa’s will be respected,” the source continued. “If any employee is caught taking a picture of Teresa, immediate action will be taken, which could lead to termination.”

Although many would assume Teresa Giudice would be treated differently than other inmates, Radar‘s sour insisted that was not the case when she turned herself in on Monday.

“She didn’t get any special treatment, but wasn’t singled out because of any celebrity status. She was very grateful for that,” a source previously said.

In a second Bravo report, another insider claimed Teresa Giudice and the ladies of The Real Housewives of New Jersey may not be returning to Bravo for a seventh season.

“At this point, The Real Housewives of New Jersey is essentially done,” an insider told the site. “Bravo has considered all of their options and they don’t feel like there is really a show without Teresa. Whether the other women want to admit it or not, she is the star of the franchise. The show simply wouldn’t be the same without her.”

Although, as the Inquisitr reported, Teresa Giudice’s lawyer claimed she could be out as early as next Christmas, the source claims she wouldn’t be able to start filming right away.

“Realistically, she wouldn’t even be able to begin filming until 2016,” the insider said. “Filming typically takes 4-6 months, and then production still has to edit the footage. That would be way too long of a delay for the series.”

“No one has begun filming for RHONJ,” the source continued. “The future of the RHONJ is clearly in jeopardy, as there hasn’t been any talk about beginning anytime soon.”

As for Teresa Giudice’s future with Bravo, the Radar source seemed unsure.

“Bravo is done with Teresa and wants nothing to do with her family,” an insider said. Her legal drama “was too much negative press, and the Giudices were always demanding more and more money. It just wasn’t worth it.”

Teresa Giudice is required to serve at least 85 percent of her 15-month term.

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