Pizza Hut Deliveries Banned On Health Grounds By UK Hospital

Staff and patients at Derriford Hospital are banned from ordering takeaways from a brand new Pizza Hut outlet opened just 100 yards from the hospital’s entrance in Plymouth, Devon, U.K. While the outlet is literally on the premises, deliveries to the hospital are banned as they would be against the healthy eating guidelines set by the hospital.

Officials say that they are unable to control which businesses lease units in the hospital’s multistory car park, but they can, at least, control what food deliveries are made to the hospital itself. Apparently, a new Subway sandwich bar is set to open in the same area, which may face similar bans by hospital authorities.

What those in charge are saying is that both patients and staff should be using the hospital’s own, in-house cafeteria and juice bar, where healthier options are available than those offered by Pizza Hut.

According to the hospital trust, a ban on deliveries had been agreed between the hospital and Pizza Hut, and a newsletter had been published to this effect, but the franchise owner denies this claim. In fact, according to the franchise owner, Simon Wright, he is receiving a ”roaring trade” from within the hospital, so it seems not everyone is listening.

Wright added that, in fact, a large part of the Pizza Hut outlet’s business comes from the hospital, and he doesn’t know where this claim about the agreement came from. He said, “In other parts of the UK it is no problem whatsoever and the business is essential,” adding that they had been trying to contact the lady who wrote the newsletter, without success.

He did say there has definitely been no agreement between his Pizza Hut outlet and the hospital, and he believes someone may have been misled.

However, a spokesman for Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust was quoted as saying the delivery of takeaway food was discouraged at the hospital, saying,

“As part of our work around food hygiene and the control of visitors into clinical areas, delivery of ‘takeaway’ food is not encouraged.”

The Trust is reportedly committed to improving the healthy eating options of not only the staff, but also patients in and visitors to the hospital. Apparently, the hospital opened a juice bar at the main entrance in March of 2014, offering smoothies, fresh juices and a healthy range of salads, sandwiches and fruit dishes. According to the Daily Mail, other healthy food options within the hospital are also ongoing or planned for the future.

Derriford Hospital ‘bans’ ordering takeaway from new Pizza Hut built in its…

— Pizza Hut Daily (@PizzaHutDaily) January 7, 2015

Of interest to note, a poll being run by The Mirror asks readers, “Should staff and patients be able to order takeaway pizza if they want to?” At the time of writing, the poll shows a result of 93 percent “yes” votes and only seven percent “no.” With odds like, that it can be theorized the hospital will have problems enforcing its ban on deliveries from the new Pizza Hut.

However, despite the popularity of the brand, other news on The Inquisitr supports the hospital’s concerns. Stating that Pizza Hut is “the sodium king of the restaurant world,” the article points out that the pizzas on offer are the saltiest available anywhere and how unhealthy this is for consumers.

[Image: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic Graham Richardson]