iPad 3 Rumors Circulate, Two Models Surface, One With 14,000 mAh Battery, 8MP Camera

James Johnson

Forget rumors of a 7.85 inch mini iPad the newest talk from the Apple rumor mill points to two iPad 3 models that will be released in January 2012 with plenty of new features.

Among the rumors are Sharp-made displays with dual-LED backlights and2048x1536 pixels of resolution. In addition the tablets are expected to feature quad-core A6 processors.

It's also believed that the new iPad 3 models will come with five and eight megapixel cameras made from Samsung and Sony.

For power users who are constantly using their iPad devices Dynapack and Simplo are also said to be working on a standard 6,500 mAh battery alongside a far more impressive 14,000 mAh pack that could allow an iPad 3 to run for 20 constant hours.

It's also believed that the iPad 2 would stay at a lower price point to help Apple stay competitive against the Amazon Kindle Fire which has sold millions of devices since reaching the tablet market with a Google Android backbone.

According to Electronista:

Significant doubt has been cased on the rumor by its event timing. Apple would supposedly unveil the devices on January 26 at "iWorld," almost two years to the day of the original iPad introduction. Apple doesn't give such names to events and rarely slips out firm dates relatively early. Rumors from other sources at the same site have put the actual ship date roughly in March, which would lead to an unusually long lead time. Apple isn't attending Macworld/iWorld and likely wouldn't time itself around that event.

Would you be willing to pick up an Apple iPad 3 if the features rumored above end up in production?