New Jersey Middle School Teacher Arrested for Filming Boys in the Shower

H. Scott English

In the latest scandal to rock the educational system in America, James Lott, an assistant middle school principal who also volunteered at Immaculata High School, in Somerset County, New Jersey, was arrested last night for filming the boys as the took showers. The boys who were filmed had no idea there was a camera on them, as Lott had hidden them in the shower room, the New Jersey Journal reports.

Police, acting on a search warrant went to Lott's house and found the videos of the boys as they were showering at the school. They allegedly found the videos of the nude boys at Lott's home.

Somerset County Prosecutor Geoffrey Soriano, in an interview with the journal said that nine of the victims were under 16 years old, which carries a more lengthy prison sentence. Soriano said, as of this time 22 students had been informed of the incident and that they were on the tapes.

Until this incident Lott was considered a pillar of the community. He had run for a Borough County Seat on the Republican ticket, but was unsuccessful a few years back.

Lott was arrested and is being held at the Somerset County Jail. He is being charged with Child Endangerment among a whole slew of charges that prosecutors plan on filing. He is being held on $500,000 bail.

Is there a way to make the educational system in America safe from predators like Patrick Lott?