Vegans Will Hate This — Indulging In Real Vegan Cheese Might Make You A Cannibal [Video]

Because of the obesity epidemic in the United States, certain diets are becoming very popular among Americans. The Inquisitr reported on both supportive and opposing news to said diets. Presently, the new healthy diet craze is the Paleo Diet, better known as the hunter-gatherer diet. Many famous people have talked about such a diet, including Kobe Bryant, Shailene Woodley, and even Justin Timberlake, along with his pregnant wife, Jessica Biel.

With the increasing popularity of such diets, the market for alternatives of food banned from said diets has increased. Today, people can buy milk that doesn’t come from an animal and meat can not be “meatless,” thanks to soybeans. Summarized, companies have now removed the “animal” from products that come from animals.

Now, there are reports that vegan cheese might technically be bad for people! As a result, one group of people are trying to make a real vegan cheese. The catch: eating real vegan cheese might make you a cannibal.

According to an article by Vice, it reports that Real Vegan Cheese, a team of bio-hackers, are attempting to create an alternative to the vegan cheese options available on the market. They plan to do this by making authentic cheese without the involvement of animals by synthetically expressing genes from milk protein and placing them in baker’s yeast. The yeast goes into a bioreactor where it’ll secrete the protein into a solution to be purified of all animal organisms. The result will be mixed with a vegan lactose replacement, water, and vegan oil to create a milk substitute close enough to make cheese.

Sounds like Soylent Green, right? Well, the article takes a turn in that direction when Marc Juul, the team leader of Real Vegan Cheese, had this to say about the DNA used for making the vegan cheese.

“We’re working with a few different versions — bovine and human — we’re getting the DNA from online databases that already have all the sequences.”

That’s right — Real Vegan Cheese is using human DNA to make their brand of vegan cheese. In all fairness, cannibalism is the act of consuming human meat and/or organs. DNA, in general, might be an exception to the rule. For example, human breast milk may contain trace amounts of DNA through secretion. Ergo, the recipient is consuming trace parts of a human, but that doesn’t mean they’re cannibals.

Nevertheless, Real Vegan Cheese does understand some people may not view the above example as valid and find their use of human DNA unattractive. Real Vegan Cheese even made a statement on this opposing view in an article by International Business Times.

“Using human genes to make vegan milk may not be appetizing to everyone, so for you folks that love good old-fashioned cow cheeses, we’re also making a vegan cow cheese.”

As seen on their Indiegogo Campaign, they have raised more than double their goal of $15,000 required to engineer their product. Once their vegan cheese substitute is done, would you try it out or pass on it?

[Featured Image via Bing, Post Image via Real Vegan Cheese]