January 6, 2015
‘Naked’ Arrested Louisville Mayors Office Employees Not Fired

The day after New Year's Day, a CFO that works directly with the Louisville mayor was arrested in a state of undress in a Mexican restaurant parking lot. Most headlines about Louisville are related to basketball or Jennifer Lawrence, but this one speaks to an apathy by the mayor's office that is not commonly seen elsewhere. Despite the scandalous circumstances surrounding the arrest of the Louisville's CFO, Louisville's mayor cannot wait until the whole fiasco is over and he can come back to work.

The Louisville Courier-Journal was quick to provide direct information about the arrested Louisville CFO and released a statement saying that the incident occurred on Friday, January 2 at 7:15 p.m. in the El Nopal restaurant parking lot in Louisville, Kentucky.

Police were called to the scene because restaurant workers witnessed Louisville Mayor's Office CFO Steve Rowland and another woman possibly engaging in sexual relations in a white SUV in the parking lot after being asked to leave the restaurant. Insider Louisville identifies the other woman as Louisville Metro Council Democratic Caucus Director, Elizabeth Hoffman.

The Insider Louisville transcribed the Louisville Metro Police Department report about the incident with Louisville Mayor's Office CFO Steve Rowland, which says the following.

"Officers were dispatched to listed location on two subjects who were asked to leave due to heavy intoxication and provocative intimate behavior. Caller stated they saw subjects get into a white SUV and believed they were having sexual relations. Officers made contact with listed subjects. Above subject [Rowland] was in vehicle in a state of disrobe in public view. Above subject smelled strongly of Alcoholic beverage, glassy eyes, and unsteady. Subject and friend were manifestly under the influence and no condition to drive and no where to go to ensure their safety. Subjects were already told to leave the premise by management of the El Nopal. Subject was a danger to himself, and caused public alarm."
When Louisville's mayor, Greg Fischer, was asked to comment about the arrest where Rowland was "in a state of disrobe in public view," he told the Courier-Journal that he hoped that Steve Rowland would continue to be the Louisville CFO after his legal troubles were ameliorated.In regards to Rowland, the Louisville mayor was quoted by the Courier-Journal after the Louisville CFO was arrested as saying, "He's a top notch professional." The quote, taken by WDRB, states as follows.
"Mayor Greg Fischer calls his actions very out of character, for the man he knows and that his actions are not consistent with the work he's done."
Steve Rowland was suspended from the Louisville Mayor's office without pay and Mayor Greg Fischer continues to stand behind the CFO. In the meantime, budget director Daniel Frockt has been appointed as the interim CFO to the Louisville Mayor's Office. The Louisville mayor stated that CFO Rowland needed to take responsibility for his actions, but that he does "exemplary work for the city."

On January 6, Steve Rowland pleaded not guilty to charges of disorderly conduct and public intoxication in the Jefferson District Court. The next day in court for Louisville CFO Rowland will be on January 20.

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