Michelle Money Regrets Ditching Cody Sattler? 'Anyone Would Be Lucky To Have Cody'

Bachelor in Paradise stars Michelle Money and Cody Sattler announced their breakup last month, but it looks like Michelle can't stop thinking about him. After appearing on the red carpet during Monday night's Bachelor season premiere, Money tweeted about her ex, complimenting him on getting Chris Soules in "amazing shape" and noting that "anyone would be lucky to have Cody as their trainer."

During Monday night's Bachelor premiere, Michelle Money, a host on Good Things Utah, appeared on the red carpet without Cody-Code, but she made sure to tag him in a few tweets. For fans who were hoping to see the couple get back together, it seems that Michelle's tweets were all business and geared at helping Cody with his newest venture, a line of vitamin supplements.

People reports that the couple dated for six months after they met on Bachelor in Paradise, with Cody moving in with Michelle and her young daughter just weeks after the show ended. A few weeks before they ended their relationship, Money posted a video on YouTube for Cody's birthday, calling him "the best boyfriend ever!"On December 17 -- just weeks after Michelle gushed over Sattler in the birthday video -- the couple announced their breakup. Michelle and Cody simultaneously posted lengthy breakup announcements on their personal Facebook pages, but never gave a reason for their split, other than "we're moving on."Fans are still hoping the couple gets back together, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. Time reports that Cody, who spent five weeks training Chris Soules to get him ready for The Bachelor, no longer lives in Utah. He's busy doing $175-per-hour Skype consultations for people who need motivation to get fit, and posting photos of his physique on Instagram.

cody sattler instagramMichelle is working not only working as a host on Good Things Utah, she is also making some cash on the side with Skype consultations. For $100, Michelle states that she will chat with you for 30-minutes about "beauty questions or whatever you want to chat about."

One can only assume Michelle's relationship with Cody will now be in the "friend zone," just like the relationship she has with her former reality show boyfriend, Graham Bunn. When she was on Bachelor in Paradise last summer, Money often consulted with Graham about her budding relationship with Cody, so now she will have two ex-boyfriends to contact when she finds someone new to date.

[Image: Cody Sattler, Instagram]