‘The Mindy Project’ Spoilers: Season 3 Return Takes Dr. Lahiri To Stanford

The Mindy Project returns with a new episode Tuesday night on Fox, and fans cannot wait. Where do things pick up for Mindy and Danny as Season 3 continues? There are some great Mindy Project spoilers and sneak peeks available, and fans will not want to miss them.

As Entertainment Weekly shares, Mindy will head to Stanford to start her fellowship. As fans will naturally expect, this is a journey that has plenty of bumps and bruises. Not only does she miss Danny, she will soon run into the man to whom she lost her virginity. Lee Pace, previously of Pushing Daisies, plays Alex, the guy Mindy spent some serious time with in college.

After Mindy and Alex cross paths at a bar within these next couple of new episodes, TVLine teases that Mindy will do some serious soul-searching regarding her relationship with Danny. Though typically Mindy doesn’t think ahead much when it comes to marriage and babies, it seems that seeing Alex may give her pause.

While Danny won’t join Mindy in California at first, it sounds as if he will make his way west at some point. In addition, as Season 3 continues, there will be more trouble ahead for Morgan and Tamra’s relationship. Julia Stiles returns in the role of Danny’s friend who happens to connect with Morgan. Will her presence spell doom for Tamra and Nurse Tookers?

The January 6 Season 3 return episode is titled simply “Stanford.” A Mindy Project spoiler sneak peek shared on the show’s Facebook page shows that the first impression Dr. Lahiri makes as she kicks off her fellowship is a very rocky one. Mindy thinks she’s walking into a big party to get things going, but it turns out it’s a serious class and her professor is not impressed or amused.

The promo teases a “Legally Brunette” theme, and viewers can definitely get a vibe of Reese Witherspoon’s Legally Blonde movie character. Will Dr. Mindy Lahiri win everybody over just as the character of Elle Woods did in the Witherspoon movie? It’s too soon to know that for certain, but it looks like it will be a fun ride as the show mixes things up a bit.

Though there has been some buzz that the show could be in a bit of trouble in terms of renewal news, fans love the show and aren’t about to give up on it. As TV By the Numbers recently shared, Fox added episodes to the current season order and there are those who believe that this show is essentially assured a Season 4 pick-up.

The Mindy Project Season 3 continues with new episodes on Fox beginning on Tuesday, January 6.

[Image via Yahoo! TV]