Is A Duggar Planning To Adopt A Baby? Jessa And Ben Seewald ‘Really Want To Adopt’ [Video]

The Duggar family may soon be expanding; however, not in the way you may expect. The most recently wed Duggar, Jessa Seewald discusses her plans to adopt.

The Duggar family recently sat down with 40/29 News to speak with Michelle, Jill and Jessa from the Duggar clan. The three women were chosen on the list of “most fascinating people in Arkansas of 2014”. Jill and Jessa both clocked in at number eight on the list.

A variety of topics were discussed during the interview, including a pregnancy update from Jill Dillard. However, the most surprising portion of the interview was when Jessa discussed her family plans. Jessa says that the couple has prayed about the right path for their family and know that they want “a lot of kids.” However, she also feels strongly that adoption will be a part of that plan.

“We want to have some of our own, but we also really want to adopt.”

Jessa did not say specifically when the couple is planning to pursue adoption. However, she did say it is something that is “on their hearts.” Though the massive Duggar family does not have any children by adoption currently, it is apparent that Jessa hopes to change that very soon.

This isn’t the first time that Jessa has discussed adoption. In fact, even before the couple was married they spoke about their plans to grow their family via adoption.

With the feeling that adoption is most certainly in the future for the Seewald family, do you think Jessa and Ben may consider adopting a child even before having a biological child? If so, the Seewalds very well could be parents before the end of 2015, regardless of if Jessa becomes pregnant or not.