'The Bachelor' 2015 Spoilers: Does Chris Soules Let Kimberly Stay In Episode 2?

Chris Soules stars as ABC's The Bachelor 2015 lead, and things got off to quite the start in Monday night's premiere. A handful of the initial 30 bachelorettes were sent home, but one gal came back to ask for a second chance. Does Chris change his mind and keep her? The first dates will take place in the next episode, airing on January 12, and fans are anxious for some Bachelor spoilers.

ABC has shared some photos from Episode 1902 and it would appear that they have answered the question regarding their Kimberly cliffhanger. The captions for the network photos tease a group date Soules has with six ladies and Kimberly is listed in those photos, along with a handful of others. Though there are some mistakes in the captioning of these photos, at times, it would appear that Kimberly does get a second chance with Chris in this episode.

The group date has the gals in bikinis and racing tractors, and it seems there is a rooftop pool party in the mix of this date as well. It seems things get off to a bit of a slow start, but Chris does give one gal the group date rose. Usually this would mean some alone time for her, but ABC's Bachelor spoilers indicate that Soules sends that gal back to the mansion with most of the others and chooses one of the other ladies from the date for some alone time.

Chris and this chosen lady will spend some time at a honky tonk bar, and she will share a secret with him that she hopes doesn't ruin her chances to receive a rose at the next rose ceremony. Could this be Ashley revealing her virginity, or Mackenzie opening up about her son? Fans will have to tune in to find out.

Additional Bachelor spoilers from the network reveal that Megan gets the first one-on-one date for the season. Chris and Megan will go on a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. She will open up about losing her father and there will be some kisses between these two.

Another group date puts together 11 bachelorettes with Chris racing through a maze filled with zombies and paintball guns. It seems one lady turns on her seductive charms and stirs things up at the group date cocktail party. Bachelor spoilers tease that she will show some bizarre antics and make some jaw-dropping declarations. Based on the premiere, many would bet this may be Kaitlyn, but this bachelorette's identity remains under wraps for now.

Chris and Britt Nilsson got off to a fast start with a lingering hug and first impression rose in the premiere. There will be some intense kisses between the two in the next episode, but will she get another group date rose? When it comes time for the cocktail party, the women will fiercely battle for Chris' attention.

One lady at the cocktail party will reveal a secret to the ladies and then instigate a steamy make-out session with Chris prior to the rose ceremony. Is Kaitlyn Bristowe the saucy bachelorette who turns to the steamy and sexy stuff so early in the season here? Fans will be anxious for Bachelor spoilers as the episode draws near to see just how it all plays out.

Reality Steve's spoilers should fill in some of the gaps on this episode soon and fans can't wait. Bachelor spoilers indicate that Chris Soules does find love this season and fans are dying to see how things play out on season 19. ABC's The Bachelor 2015 season airs on Monday nights.

[Image via ABC/Rick Rowell]