Beyoncé Accused Of Being An Alien, Continues To Look Pregnant [Video]

Is Beyoncé a star from the stars? Obviously, Queen Bey isn't really an alien, but musical comedy group Summer & Eve wants to believe that the singer is a supreme being from a galaxy far, far away.

According to Mashable, the video below explains why Beyoncé is so amazing. Summer & Eve list off of a few fun "facts" about the singer that might make you wonder if she could beat Chuck Norris in a battle to rule the world (remember when Chuck Norris facts were a thing?).

According to the "Summer & Eve Explain Things" video, Beyoncé invented body heat, provided shelter for the ambiguously homeless, and won the Nobel Prize for attending life. As a hipster couple lies in bed, they wonder how the "Run the World" singer does it all. Luckily, their bedroom band interrupts their conversation to explain why Beyoncé is so out of this world -- she's an alien from the galaxy Destiny's Child. You can learn more about Beyoncé the "Beyoncé-lien" below.

Beyoncé might not actually be an extraterrestrial, but she has recently taken a keen interest in visiting different locations all over the Earth -- Beyoncé and Jay Z are currently on an incredible vacation that has included stops in Iceland, Cambodia, and Thailand. During the globetrotters' stop in Thailand, Beyoncé was presented with a crown, and Billboard's comments about the singer's elaborate headdress might make you think that there's something to Summer & Eve's allegations that Beyoncé is an alien.

"Resistance is futile. It appears Beyoncé was officially named Queen of the World this weekend, in an official, binding, golden celebration that proclaimed a new world order."
The "Queen of the World" doesn't just have fans wondering if she's an alien -- Some of Beyoncé's vacation photos are making the Beyhive speculate that she's about to give birth to another heir to the Carter crown. According to Celebuzz, the photo below really has the Beyhive buzzing. It was taken from far away, but it looks like Beyoncé might be trying to conceal a baby bump underneath that gorgeous flowy gown. Perhaps she had the photo taken from so far back because she didn't want her bump to be too visible -- or maybe she just wanted her fans to see more of the ruins of an ancient Cambodian temple behind her.

Beyonce Temple

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the long gown in the photo above isn't the only outfit that has Beyoncé fans excited about the prospects of another Carter baby. Beyoncé was also photographed wearing an animal print top that made her look pregnant.

Do you think Beyoncé is pregnant again, or is she just trying to stay comfy by wearing loose-fitting clothes as she travels around the world?

[Images via Instagram]