Nicholas Sparks Separates: Nicholas And Wife Cathy Split After 25 Years Of Marriage

Nicholas Sparks has separated from his wife of 25 years. According to ABC News, the two have called it quits despite their real-life love story that seemed as though it would last forever. In a statement, Nicholas asked for privacy on the matter and said that he and his wife remain very close. This was obviously a very difficult decision for their family.

“Cathy and I have separated. This is of course not a decision we’ve made lightly. We remain close friends with deep respect for each other and love for our children. For our children’s sake, we regard this as a private matter,” Sparks said.

News that Nicholas Sparks separated hit the internet on Tuesday morning. According to People Magazine, the author of The Notebook never really wanted to talk about how he managed to keep his marriage alive. While he penned some of the greatest love stories ever written, Sparks previously admitted that he wasn’t a marriage professional, and he could learn a lot from other couples who had been together for a longer period of time.

“I don’t like to give marriage tips. There are people who are probably much better at marriage than I am – they’ve lasted a lot longer. I could probably learn from them,” Sparks said back in 2003.

Nicholas and Cathy Sparks have five children together; three sons and two daughters. What they did realize over the years was that their marriage needed to come first.

“The marriage relationship has to be primary – it’s one of the best things you can teach your children. So we don’t feel guilty if we go for a walk, just the two of us,” Sparks said two years ago.

“We try to go on vacations alone. You need to leave alone. You have to make the effort to leave, take the time. Just go and have fun alone. We do it a few times a year,” Cathy added at the time.

Before his separation, Nicholas Sparks made headlines because of a lawsuit. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a man named Saul Hillel Benjamin filed a lawsuit against the writer, claiming that Sparks is “homophobic” and an “anti-Semitic racist.” There were also claims about Sparks disrespecting Alzheimer’s’ sufferers. Sparks’ lawyer quickly came to his client’s defense.

“As a gay, Jewish man who has represented Nick for almost 20 years I find these allegations completely ludicrous and offensive,” said Scott Schwimer back in October.

[Photo courtesy of Getty Images via Zimbio]