Sarah Palin Criticizes PETA: ‘At Least Trig Didn’t Eat The Dog’

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin recently made headlines with her response to PETA’s criticism of her controversial Facebook post.

Palin posted pictures of her 6-year-old son Trig on her official Facebook page. In the pictures, Trig is standing on the family dog, Jill – using her as a stepping stone to reach the kitchen sink.

Sarah captioned the photo with an inspirational message to her followers, encouraging them to change the way that they look at obstacles and stumbling blocks that they may encounter throughout 2015.

“May 2015 see every stumbling block turned into a stepping stone on the path forward.”

Ingrid Newkirk, the president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), did not bite her tongue when responding to the photos that Palin posted.

“It’s odd that anyone — let alone a mother — would find it appropriate to post such a thing, with no apparent sympathy for the dog in the photo.”

In another statement, PETA responded by stating that they simply believed people should not step on dogs and referenced the negative reactions and overall backlash from other people who viewed Palin’s pictures.

On Saturday, Sarah Palin responded to PETA’s criticism in a lengthy Facebook letter that was filled with criticism of her own.

The opening line of the Facebook letter used by the 50-year-old politician, according to USA Today, will more than likely become “immortal.”

“Dear PETA, Chill. At least Trig didn’t eat the dog.”

Referring to PETA as “double-standard radicals,” Sarah Palin referenced Ellen DeGeneres (PETA’s Woman of the Year) and the Facebook picture that she posted in July 2014 of a little girl standing on her own dog while brushing her teeth in the bathroom. Palin also cited President Obama, mentioning the president’s recollections from his best-selling memoir, Dreams From My Father, about eating dog meat.

“Hey, by the way, remember your ‘Woman of the Year,’ Ellen DeGeneres? Did you get all wee-wee’d up when she posted this sweet picture?… Hypocritical much? Did you go as crazy when your heroic Man-of-Your-Lifetime, Barack Obama, revealed he actually enjoyed eating dead dog meat?”

Sarah Palin continued by targeting some of the causes that have been supported in recent years by PETA – including their opposition to Alaska’s Iditarod Sled Dog Race, as well as the state’s commercial fishing jobs.

Palin also refers to PETA staffers as “anti-beef screamers” and their allegedly hypocritical use of leather.

“Aren’t you the same anti-beef screamers blogging hate from your comfy leather office chairs, wrapped in your fashionable leather belts above your kickin’ new leather pumps you bought because your celebrity idols (who sport fur and crocodile purses) grinned in a tabloid wearing the exact same Louboutins exiting sleek cowhide covered limo seats on their way to some liberal fundraiser shindig at some sushi bar that features poor dead smelly roe?”

Sarah Palin concluded her Facebook letter by mentioning the common ground likely shared between her and PETA – “respecting God’s creation and critters.” She also stated that all of their family’s pets (including Jill) are loved and cared for more than some people care for one another.

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