Mike Tyson Almost Pummeled Michael Jordan At A Chicago Restaurant Because He Dated His Ex-Wife

Boxer Mike Tyson may have been famous for having the hardest right hook in the world, but he was never well-known for being able to keep his temper, something he has battled with for most of his life.

However, in a new book entitled Taming the Beast: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson, written by former manager and longtime friend of Tyson, Rory Holloway, some interesting allegations come to light, one of which is that Mike almost pummeled Michael Jordan at a Chicago eatery, over his ex-wife Robin Givens.

At the Chicago restaurant that night were Mike Tyson, Chicago NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan, former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka, as well as Richard Dent and famous boxing promoter Don King.

At the time, Tyson had just gotten divorced from his first wife, Robin Givens, according to a report in the New York Post, and was taking the split really hard.

As Holloway writes in his new tell-all book.

“Mike Tyson’s sitting there with his drink of choice, a Long Island Tea, and when he drinks his real feelings come out. I’m telling the server to water his drinks down ’cause I see where this is going. Mike stares across the table at Michael Jordan. He says, ‘Hey man, you think I’m stupid? I know you f—-d with my b—h. Jordan looks like he just seen a ghost. ‘I know you messed with her,’ Mike says. ‘You can tell me.’”

As the Long Island Tea’s went down, Mike Tyson’s filter allegedly disappeared and he began ranting and raving, as if using fighting talk. Michael Jordan looked scared over dinner; the book continues.

“Jordan, it’s obvious he just wants to get up and run. He wants no part of this. Mike turns to Ditka. ‘Man, you think somebody scared of you, all that racist s–t you been talking?’ He says to Dent, ‘Y’all scared of this damn white man, Richard? He ain’t nobody. You gonna let him talk that way?’ Me and John trying to hold Mike down. Mike telling everyone he’s going to bust Jordan’s ass.”

Another woman revealed in the book,with whom Mike Tyson had a fling, was supermodel Naomi Campbell. Holloway writes that the pair met at a Russell Simmons party.

“I was there to keep Mike out of trouble, doing my usual babysitting job, and when I looked over, he was talking to this girl. I had to rub my eyes. I mean, the most exciting thing at that time was Naomi Campbell. She was wild and vivacious, with these legs that went on for days. I’m stuck holding their drinks ’cause Mike says he gotta use the restroom. Next thing I know, Naomi’s following him in there. Holy s–t. Guests are walking up. ‘Bathroom’s taken,’ I’m telling them.”

Even though things between Mike Tyson and Naomi Campbell never went anywhere, she was just one of the attractive women he met and hit it off with during his career.

No doubt Jordan was pleased that Mike Tyson kept his head that night in Chicago and didn’t pummel him.