Anna Kendrick Describes The Kind Of Man Women Should Avoid

Anna Kendrick may be playing Cinderella in the new film Into the Woods, but the Hollywood star recently admitted that she doesn’t go for the “Prince Charming” types. She shared her views on relationships in a cover story for the February, 2015 issue of Fashion Magazine.

Kendrick appeared on the cover wearing a striped blouse with a gem-studded collar and a mint-green shirt with a black band around her waist. The star also looked stunning in an inside shot that shows her wearing a sultry taupe outfit with minuscule cutouts on the sleeves and waist.

“The idea that Cinderella gets cheated on by her prince is the most twisted and genius concept,” Kendrick said about co-star Chris Pine’s portrayal of Prince Charming. She was also asked about her views on relationships and the type of men that she goes for.

“I’ve never really gone for the razzle-dazzle types, no quarterbacks, no flashy guys and no Prince Charmings,” Kendrick said in the interview. “Chris Pine’s version of Prince Charming is so funny, and so on-point, and very much all style and no substance.”

“A (date) once picked me up in a Mustang and he was leaning on the hood of it. He was waiting for me and I was inside my apartment, looking out the window, thinking ‘Oh, this is going to go terribly.'” The Up in the Air star added, “The wrong kind of guy to fall in love with is the guy who will let go of the steering wheel as a joke. A guy who finds it amusing to make you uncomfortable, which is more common that you’d think, is someone you want to avoid.”

Kendrick also talked about how her parents’ divorce shaped her view on relationships.

“They taught me that staying together for the kids is the wrong approach,” she said. “It perpetuates this warped idea of what a healthy relationship looks like.”

It seems Kendrick is currently enjoying being single, despite some recent rumors suggesting that she’s dating Drinking Buddies cinematographer Ben Richardson.

“Recently I’ve decided that there’s no point in getting dressed up if I’m not having fun,” she tells Fashion Magazine. “I’ve looked at enough red carpets right now and realized that everyone might think that Taylor Schilling looked better than Lena Dunham at the Emmys… but I thought Lena rocked that red carpet more than anybody else. What’s the point in fashion if you’re not having a good time?”

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