Johnny Manziel Goes To Bar, Gets Drinks Thrown At Him When He Gives ‘Finger’ To Fellow Patrons

Johnny Manziel had drinks thrown at him in a Houston bar Sunday night, in what appears to be a fitting conclusion to a rookie NFL season that can best be described as a debacle. The former Heisman Trophy winner appeared in only four games after the Cleveland Browns spent their first round draft pick on him, and reports of his off-field partying often overshadowed his on-field futility.

In his debut as a National Football League starting quarterback, the six-foot, 200 pound quarterback known as “Johnny Football” during his meteoric two-year college career at Texas A&M university, appeared lost, failing to lead his team to a single point as the Browns were blanked by interstate rivals the Cincinnati Bengals 30-0 on December 14. In his next start, he completed just three of eight passes before leaving the game with an injury.

Manziel, who signed a four-year $8.25 million contract with the Browns, plus a $4.3 million signing bonus, was hit with a $12,000 fine in the pre-season when he gave “the finger” to fans after a loss to the Washington Redskins.

Toward the end of the season, he allegedly threw a blowout party for his teammates that caused him to show up late to treatment for his injury the next day, and ended up with teammate Josh Gordon suffering a suspension after showing up late for practice.

Manziel later denied that he threw the party, but admitted that he “let his guard down” by staying out too late with friends that night.

Even with the Browns frustrating 7-9 season now over, Manziel has proven unable to avoid further off-field incidents.

According to the TMZ Sports site, Manziel and a group of friends showed up at a bar called Dekan in Houston, Texas, late Sunday night and immediately came into conflict with fellow revelers at the bar, who recognized him and immediately began taunting Manziel.

Browns officials have reportedly instructed Manziel to stop allowing his picture to be snapped while out partying. But when a member of Manziel’s group told the overzealous fans to stop taking pictures, the heckling intensified.

At some point, Manziel lost his cool and again resorted to the same middle-finger gesture for which he was fined five months earlier.

At that point, drinks began to fly, splashing Manziel’s clothing.

But even the shower of drinks thrown at him did not deter Johnny Manziel, who left the bar only briefly, changing his shirt while bouncers ejected the drink-throwing offenders. The quarterback and his pals then went back into the bar and resumed their celebrations late into the night with no further altercations.