Joe Bodolai, Former 'Saturday Night Live' Writer, Commits Suicide

Chris Greenhough

Joe Bodolai, former writer for 'Saturday Night Live,' has committed suicide in a Hollywood hotel room.

Bodolai, 63, was found by room service staff at 1.30pm on Monday. He had already passed away from a lethal cocktail of Gatorade and antifreeze, having checked into Hollywood's Re-Tan Hotel on December 19.

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles coroner's office ruled his death a suicide.

Bodolai wrote on 20 episodes of 'Saturday Night Live,' and was also a producer on TV shows such as 'It's Only Rock & Roll, Comics!' and 'The Kids in the Hall' Canadian sketch show. He also co-wrote the first draft of 'Wayne's World' with Mike Myers.

While police found no suicide note at the scene of Bodolai's death, his online activity seemed to hint at what was to come. The LA Times highlighted a post published Friday on a WordPress blog registered to Bodolai. The post's title? "If This Were Your Last Day Alive, What Would You Do?" It's a long, somewhat melancholy piece, and includes sections on Bodolai's regrets and sources of pride - you can see it here.

Meanwhile, a message on the writer's Twitter account said "Godbye," [sic], and featured a link to the blog post.

Rest in peace, Joe.