Top 10 ‘Blank Space’ Covers, Punk Band Near 1 Million YouTube Views

Since it debuted, Taylor Swift’s song “Blank Space” has become a popular subject for band covers — and the Punk Goes Pop cover by I Prevail is one of many. On YouTube, just months after the songs from the album 1989 were released on October 27, 2014, there were over 100 “Blank Space” covers with views in the millions.

Earlier in December 2014, Billboard Magazine wrote an article about the “Blank Space” cover by the post-hardcore punk band “I Prevail.” Billboard describes the cover and says the following.

“I Prevail uses two vocalists for their version of the track. One singer specializes in a throaty shout, while the other goes with a punky sneer. Aided by thunderous drumming and detonating guitars, Swift’s sly anthem is made explosive and fiery. At the end of the video, there’s some comic relief: the drummer jokingly tries to give Swift his number.”

International Business Times also reviewed the I Prevail “Blank Space” cover and says the following.

“Mixed with thunderous drumming and hard guitar riffs, the vocals gave the band’s version of Swift’s hit song original.”

While it does not top the list of “Blank Space” cover videos on YouTube, the I Prevail version of Taylor Swift’s song went viral over the first days of 2015, according to Google. As of January 6, the I Prevail “Blank Space” cover has reached the 11th position of most viewed “Blank Space” covers on YouTube.

Topping the list for “Blank Space” covers on YouTube is the “Taylor Swift Blank Space Parody” by Bart Baker. Uploaded on December 7, the video has 12,600,000+ views with 182,000+ likes.

Coming in at 951,731 views and 15,767 likes as of January 6, the “Blank Space” cover by I Prevail that is titled, “Blank Space (Taylor Swift) — Punk Goes Pop Cover” puts the band in at number 11 on the list. The 10th position on the top 10 “Blank Space” covers is “Blank Space — Taylor Swift cover — Beth” by Beth Music. Beth Music currently has 1,005,964 views for their “Blank Space” cover. The “Blank Space” cover video in the 9th position is by SXCasian X with 1,164,264 views.

Could this mean that I Prevail’s punk “Blank Space” cover could reach enough views that it makes it to the top 10 covers list? While they may not be able to reach the number one spot for the “Blank Space” cover list in the near future, if they are able to get over 3.5 million views, they will break the top five for YouTube’s top 10 most viewed “Blank Space” covers. Currently, to beat out number five on the “Blank Space” most-viewed covers list on YouTube, I Prevail will have to beat WhatsUpMoms’ “Taylor Swift “Blank Space” Parody (Mom Version)” by 2.5 million views.

[All images via the linked references.]