Chicago Bulls Mascot Benny The Bull Steals Boston Celtic Fan’s Girlfriend After He Dismisses Kiss-Cam

Chicago Bulls’ mascot, Benny the Bull, swooped in to save a horrifically awkward argument between a couple who had been singled out on the kiss-cam on Saturday.

In fact, Benny the Bull was so disgusted by the antics of the man involved that he decided to lift up the individual’s girlfriend and take her away, since he had rejected the opportunity for a smooch.

Unfortunately for all of you die-hard romantics out there though, the entire incident was actually fake, and it had in fact been orchestrated and staged by Bulls management to keep supporters engaged in the contest.

However, that doesn’t stop it from being a pretty enthralling and amusing clip to watch. You can check out footage of the incident below.

The 30-second romantic drama skit unfolded at Chicago’s United Center on Saturday evening, where the Chicago Bulls were taking on the Boston Celtics. As soon as the kiss-cam landed on a Boston Celtics fan, the crowd instantly started to boo.

But this animosity soon turned to stunned cheers when the crowd realized that the Celtics fan was actually on his cell-phone and ignoring his girlfriend, while they were exacerbated when he rejected her pleas to lock lips for the kiss-cam.

Step forward Benny the Bull. The chivalrous mascot took matters into his own hands. Not only did he nudge the ignorant boyfriend in the head, knocking off his Celtics hat, but he then took the woman by the arm, lifted her up into his arms, and carried her to the back of the stadium.

But rather than allowing this alleged Boston Celtics fan to have the label of the rudest boyfriend in the history of mankind for the rest of his life, Beth Esler, the Bulls Manager of Corporate Communications, later confirmed that the entire scenario had been staged to try and boost the fans’ morale.

And in the end, it appears as though the entire ploy had the desired effect management wanted, because the Chicago Bulls eventually ran out winners in the contest, as they beat the Boston Celtics 109-104 in overtime.

It’s still not known if the woman and Benny the Bull actually shared a kiss during their brief interlude. You’d have thought that as it was staged, the answer would be no, but you never know what can happen in the heat of the moment.

[Image via O Canada]