What was hot on QBase Last Week + Enter the Fever Pitch Competition

More and more people are joining in the collaborative startup sharing at QBase, our co-branded site with Tradevibes. The service continues to evolve into the premium one stop for startup information, and as a destination for startup discussion.

Fever Pitch

TradeVibes is running the Summer Fever Pitch contest with an aim in finding the hottest new startups on the planet. The winner gets a one-hour meeting with well known investor Ron Conway. Check out a list of participating companies here and vote Bullish for the companies that you think deserve a shot. Voting has already started and the company that’s ranked the highest by August 15th will win the prize.

If you would like to enter your company, go to your company’s QBase profile and add “feverpitch2008” to your company’s list of tags. Then reach out to your friends and fans and get them on to QBase to vote. The contest rules can be found here.

New to QBase

DimDim – Dimdim’s founders hoped to make the world a smaller place – by creating a simple, free service that lets everyone everywhere to communicate using rich media in real time.
Conectados, Inc. – Conectados is a Spanish language social network to find others who share your interests. You can share photos and videos and blogs with others in the community.
Challenge Games – Challenge Online Games (Challenge Games) creates online games that are fun and easy to play whether you’re a serious or casual gamer.
OmniDate – OmniDate provides singles with virtual dating environments (e.g., a virtual coffee shop) where they can get to know each other before meeting in person.
tomatic – tomatic is a holding company by Thomas Marban that funds and creates micro web properties and currently runs popurls and readbag.

Top Discussions

Dimdim’s Future
The concept behind Dimdim is nothing revoutionary, but among its competitors, I think it is the only one that is open source. Additionally, its presence around the globe – it has an office in India – will undoubtedly give Dimdim an advantage on the global market. The next few months will be very crucial for Dimdim as it upgrades features and markets apps.

Lab Pixies – Good Business Model?
It looks like Lab Pixies has a nice product and I think, a viable business model. This company is a widget maker that makes little applications you can add to your homepage (google, netvibes, etc) Some of their widgets allow users to search amazon from their home page or add google maps.
Do you think this info/user sharing can be a good source of revenue? I do. Do they have…