Suzy Cortez Flaunts Curves While Wearing Nothing More Than A Red Fur Boa And A Thong

Miss Bumbum World 2019 and Instagram model Suzy Cortez impressed her 2.4 million followers with her latest racy post. The update, which was posted on Wednesday, September 16 featured the celebrity showing off plenty of skin in a revealing red outfit.

The Instagram sensation wore a teeny red thong and its narrow straps sat high over her curvaceous hips. She paired this with a matching fur boa that she wrapped around her toned shoulders. Even with the covering, the celebrity did have to cover her ample chest with one hand, hiding any cleavage and sideboob that might have otherwise been visible.

Suzy posed sideways, keeping one leg raised as she did so. She rested her hand on her famous booty to complete the scandalous pose.

The model's dark locks were styled in a glamorous up-do. While most of her hair was pulled up into a high bun, the front section was parted to the side and its strands hung down, framing her beautiful face. She completed the look with large gold dangle earrings.

Behind her was an ornate gold gilt oval mirror. Her reflection could not be seen in it, although it is likely that many were hoping for a further glance at her derriere. However, it did highlight a decorative pink pattern on what could have been drapes or wallpaper situated in front of her.

As soon as Suzy posted the image, her followers dived in quickly to respond. Within two hours, the photo had garnered more than 4.600 likes and plenty of comments from her dedicated admirers.

Many of the comments were in Spanish. However, the term "maravillosa" was used on occasion, which means "wonderful," according to Google Translate. Users also referred to Suzy as "preciosa," or "precious."

"Gorgeous," one follower simply stated in the comments section.

"Those Hams," a fan declared in relation to the celebrity's chiseled leg muscles.

"[Beautiful] Girl, Marry-me please," another user joked.

"More than human," a fourth person wrote, also using several emoji to further emphasize what they meant.

In order to avoid the language barrier, many of Suzy's supporters also opted to use emoji rather than words in order to convey how they felt. The most popular were the fire, heart-eyes, and heart. However, the tongue-hanging-out emoji also got a serious workout as well.

Suzy is well-known for posting risque updates that tease her audience. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she recently shared a snap of herself wearing a black fur shrug and matching thong as she laid on a bed, with her buns raised in the air as she held a wad of cash.