‘The Bachelor’ 2015 Spoilers: Chris Soules Talks Premiere, Dramatic Ladies, Blushing, And Finding Love

Chris Soules stars in ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season that premieres Monday night, and he chatted with the crew at Good Morning America a bit Monday morning. What did “Prince Farming” reveal about Season 19? Did he dish out any juicy Bachelor spoilers about this new season?

The new Bachelor spoiler preview shared by GMA showed that the girls are going all-out in their limo exits and introductions to Chris Soules. He will meet 30 women in the premiere, and Soules admits that it was pretty overwhelming. Soules says there were some wild entrances, but all of the women were really exceptional.

It sounds as if Chris kept an open mind about some of the wacky entrances, and he teased that there was one in particular that really took his breath away. He says he blushed, and Chris admitted this is tied to the introduction where one gal said he could “plow her field any day.” It has previously been revealed via Bachelor spoilers that this joke was made by Kaitlyn Bristowe.

As Buddy TV notes, Chris says that Kaitlyn really caught his eye that first night. She went on to teach him how to break dance during the cocktail party, and Reality Steve’s spoilers would indicate that this gal may be one to watch this season. Soules admits he was really impressed by her.

Chris says he went into this process with an open mind and an open heart in search of a wife. At the same time, he doesn’t like drama. Soules says that he went into filming looking for a soulmate and he feels it was worth it to go through the drama to find love.

It’s clear there are some wild gals on this season, but early spoilers would indicate that there are some sweet bachelorettes as well. The premiere will pare down 30 bachelorettes to 22 and Reality Steve’s spoilers have indicated that there are some surprises ahead this season, as even he doesn’t have all the episode-by-episode spoilers about eliminations and dates at this point.

Did Soules find love this season? He has already said that he did indeed, and Reality Steve’s spoilers would indicate that he and his final gal are engaged. It sounds as if it will be a fantastic ride throughout season 19 and fans are anxious to get started. ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season starring Chris Soules premieres on Monday, January 5 with a three-hour premiere.

[Image via ABC/Craig Sjodin]