WWE News: Sami Zayn Set For Long Rivalry With Kevin Owens, To Be Down In NXT For Another Year?

WWE NXT star Sami Zayn has been impressive in his run with NXT. Many tout him as one of WWE’s hottest properties due to what he can offer the company. So when will WWE exploit this and use him a ton on the main roster? It seems like WWE wanted to use Zayn on the main roster before, which is why they introduced him to us months ago.

He has been traveling with the main roster overseas, and even was present at live events. Now, however, Zayn has run into a bit of a good problem. WWE NXT is one of the major reasons for getting the WWE Network. The shows are fantastic and it is well worth your time to get the Network if only for NXT, despite the many other things you get with it.

According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE is planning to put Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens into a program very soon. They want to make it a good, long rivalry. Owens is new, so we all expected WWE to keep him in NXT for a bit. Zayn, however, will potentially be staying for another year.

Some wonder why WWE is punishing Zayn somewhat by potentially keeping him in developmental for another year. According to WWE, it’s not a punishment. WWE wants to make WWE NXT bigger. It has been impressing, and for the most part, Zayn is one of the main reasons for it’s success.

They want him there to continue making the brand worth seeing. While we may continue to see him work live events and even make appearances on the main roster, he won’t be out of NXT for a while. WWE feels that NXT can be like a third brand for them, and they can use any of the people within NXT at any point for a main roster story and still put them down in NXT if they feel the need to do so.

Since Sami is the current NXT Champion, it is thought that WWE wants to use him as they did Adrian Neville and give him a long run with the title before losing it and coming up to the main roster. While he and Owens are expected to start a program very soon, he will most likely enter a rivalry with the likes of Finn Balor and Hideo Itami as well.

Owens will be rivaling Zayn for the foreseeable future however. So WWE’s main roster will not see either for a while, unless WWE wants to promote NXT by having them appear on the show.

[IMG Credit: Sports Keeda]