Stephen Beer: 448-Pound Man Claims He’s ‘Trapped’ On Government Benefits, Can’t Work Because Of His Size

Stephen Beer and his sixth wife, Michelle Coombe, weigh more than 750 pounds collectively. The couple recently made headlines after being featured on the UK’s Benefits segment. The episode chronicled the couple’s life and the days leading up to their wedding. Apparently, the couple’s weight is the reason why they’re unable to hold jobs. Since they are both overweight, they’re living on government benefits.

According to The Daily Mail, Beer reportedly claims no one is willing to give them a job simply because they’re “too fat.” He revealed that the notion of being “too fat to work” came from a potential employer. When he applied for a position where he’d only be required to sit down, he claims he was told he’s “too fat to work.” Now, unfortunately he’s accepted that stigma.

The 45-year-old man receives approximately $30,000 a year in government benefits. He’s also been diagnosed with metabolic disease since he’s suffered two strokes and has type-2 diabetes as a result of his unhealthy state, reports Mirror. He has a “personal cleaner” that comes in to dress and bathe him twice a day on a day-to-day basis. However, many argue that his condition still isn’t an excuse for the lifestyle he’s living. Now, the looming question is: why not just lose the weight?

During a recent interview on ITV’s This Morning, Beer stated that he’s been attending Slimming World to shed the pounds, but to no avail. The footage from the segment even shows the couple devouring kebabs shortly after weighing in. Surprisingly enough, he actually blames his situation on the government. Beer argued that he’s trapped on government benefits and the system makes it “too easy” to stay on welfare.

“The government are making it easy for people like us,” he says, “I don’t think I deserve benefits – I put myself in the situation. I’m trying to sort myself out.”

Although Beer’s medical issues are valid complications that justify his reliance on the government, the problem is he really isn’t doing anything to rectify the problem. His perspective has caused quite a stir via social media because many viewers argue that he uses the government as an excuse not to resolve the issues in his life.

Do you agree or disagree with Stephen Beer’s complaint about being “too fat to work?” Share your thoughts.

[Image via YouTube]