Halle Berry’s Husband Car Seat Scuffle: Olivier Martinez Named As Battery Suspect After LAX Incident

Halle Berry’s husband used a car seat to push a man out of the way shortly after the couple arrived in Los Angeles on Sunday. Now, the incident has Olivier Martinez named as a suspect in a battery case, according to TMZ. Berry and Martinez were returning home after a trip on Sunday. They arrived at Los Angeles International airport during the afternoon hours.

The incident that has Martinez possibly facing charges happened around 1:45 p.m. The couple was attempting to leave the airport terminal when photographers swarmed the couple and their two children. An airport employee was in the crowd, and it was revealed in reports that he was also holding up his cell phone. It appears he was trying to snap his own photo of the couple as they passed by.

However, this airport employee had a closer encounter than he expected to have, when Martinez used the empty car seat he was holding to push the employee out of his way. Film of the incident shows the man falling to the ground, after he is hit with the car seat. He was treated for injuries at the scene. He also visited the hospital at a later time because he was experiencing abdominal pains. This airport employee has filed charges against Martinez for the incident.

Gossip Cop did obtain a statement from the police about the incident.

“[Berry and Martinez] required assistance from Los Angeles Airport Police after a crowd of photographers and a contract airport employee came too close to the family to take photos.”

This is not the first time Halle and Olivier have experienced problems with the press. Berry has cursed out photographers that came too close to her and her daughter. One previous incident also happened at LAX. During that incident, Berry had to hold back her husband and stop him from attacking one of the photographers.

Berry and Martinez have mentioned the possibility of moving to France because of their tough laws against paparazzi. In fact, Berry and Martinez were in Paris recently. Perez Hilton shared a photo of the couple during an outing at Disneyland Paris just last week.

For Berry, 2014 was filled with problems with her Gabriel Aubry. The former couple have continued to fight over their daughter, Nahla. The Inquisitr reported recently that Berry and Aubry made a trip to court over Nahla’s hair. The judge in that case told both Berry and Aubry to leave Nahla’s hair alone.

It seems that 2015 is not starting a good foot for Berry and Martinez. The battery case is still a developing story.

[Photo: Video screen cap]