Bindi Irwin ‘My World’: ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Daughter Praises Younger Brother In New Photo

Bindi Irwin says her brother Robert is “my world” and fans are thrilled to see the two are so close. Bindi, 16, and Robert, 11, are the children of The Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin and it seems the two are doing pretty well these days.

Bindi and Bob were very young when their father died in 2006 after being pierced by a stingray barb. The family has, however, continued to be heavily involved in and passionate about wildlife just as Steve was throughout his life.

As People notes, the family has pushed forward, but Bindi has said that the sadness of losing her dad never goes away. She’s said that it is like losing a piece of your heart that you never get back. Despite suffering such a difficult loss at such a young age, Bindi and her brother Robert do find reasons to laugh. Bindi posted a photo on her Instagram with Robert recently that indicates the two are close and doing pretty well it seems.

The photo shows the Irwin kids together and Bindi says “This boy is my world” about her brother Robert. The teen showcases a darker hair color than fans are used to seeing, and she has definitely grown up a lot in this past year. It seems that fans shouldn’t expect her to get too wild and crazy, though.

Bindi is never one to hold back from sharing her opinions on things, which sometimes generates some intense buzz. However, she has said that she has a good head on her shoulders and she’s not drawn to the wild shenanigans that some teens embrace. From the looks of things, her father would be quite proud of the lady she’s becoming.

Both Bindi and Bob have always looked a lot like their father, and many note that is especially the case with Bob these days. As the Daily Mail notes, the Irwin kids spent the Christmas holiday with their mom Terri in Oregon before heading back to Queensland, Australia and the Australia Zoo.

Bindi looked back on her exciting year and opened up a bit about her goals for the year ahead. She says she wants to embrace new adventures and happiness and she wants to continue to spread the message of wildlife conservation. Another recent Instagram post praised her little brother, and Bindi says he is one of her best friends and more like their dad every day.

Despite Steve Irwin’s death eight years ago, fans still love the Irwin family and are thrilled to see them doing so well. Bindi Irwin’s “my world” note about her brother Robert is definitely heartwarming and many are anxious to see just what comes next for these two.

[Image via Bindi Irwin’s Instagram]