Florida Man Walks Into CVS, Strips Naked, And Takes A Nap On Dog Beds

A Florida man, Jeremiah Patterson, walked into a CVS Pharmacy, stripped naked, and then moved three dog beds together and took a nap. Patterson, 22, arranged the dog beds on the Lutz store restroom floor and rested until police arrived.

Jeremiah Patterson sorted through about six dog bed, after stripping naked, and apparently found the ones he felt were perfect for a napping spot. After being awakened by baffled Florida police officers, Patterson was arrested for indecent exposure, theft, and burglary. He is being held at Pasco County Jail on more than $10,000 bail. Patterson’s rap sheet includes a felony grand theft conviction and probation violation charges.

naked CVS pharmacy

Patterson’s genitals were reportedly fully exposed, as the naked man left the CVS Pharmacy restroom and walked to the pet aisle. He then bent over and rummaged through the various dog beds. According to the Lutz, Florida, police report, Jeremiah Patterson “intentionally removed his clothing exposing his genitals in a lewd and lascivious exhibition.”

The Odessa area man is not known to have a permanent address. Some witnesses have speculated that drugs may have played a role in Jeremiah Patterson’s decision to walk into the CVS Pharmacy, strip naked, and take a nap on dog beds, but the presence of drugs in his system has not yet been verified. Although little information is known about Patterson at this time, and few details about the naked CVS Pharmacy trip have been shared, the story quickly went viral online.

Why do you think Jeremiah Patterson walked into the CVS, took off all his clothes, and rummaged through the dog beds?

[Image via: Big Dog Beds]