Keisha Knight Pulliam Fired: Trump Axes First ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Contestant, Who Will Be Next?

The Celebrity Apprentice 2015 season has officially started, and on Sunday night, the first star was booted. Keisha Knight Pulliam was fired by Trump, and some of the reasoning why she was axed has people buzzing. Should NBC have edited out some of the references to Bill Cosby and Keisha’s decision not to call him for help?

As TVLine notes, Keisha Knight Pulliam was fired by Trump after she took on the role of project manager for her team in Sunday’s premiere. Though the team got along well enough, or as well as this combination of ladies is likely to get along, things got ugly in the boardroom.

Vivica A. Fox was in tears and Kenya Moore said Pulliam was the one responsible for their loss. Keisha had a hard time defending herself, and it got awkward for viewers when Donald Trump questioned why she hadn’t called her Cosby Show dad, Bill Cosby, for a donation.

Some viewers are buzzing over the fact that the show left that tidbit in, considering all of the headlines recently about Cosby. Of course, this was all filmed before the newest allegations came out about Cosby, and doing that show is what Pulliam is known for, so some argue it made sense to leave it all in.

There are those arguing that they don’t feel it was fair that Keisha Knight Pulliam was fired by Trump over some others on the team, though it’s common for the project manager to take extra heat for a team loss. It’s also quite typical for stars with the potential for drama, a la Kate Gosselin, to get a pass on a poor performance early in the season.

What comes next for Celebrity Apprentice? Episode 2 airs Monday night, the spot where the show will remain for the rest of the season. As TV Guide notes, this one is titled “Nobody Out Thinks Donald Trump.” The contestants have to write, produce, and direct a commercial for their first task. Then the teams will have to do a presentation and create a tasting menu revolving around frozen foods for their second task.

This season, the Monday night shows will actually consist of two full episodes back-to-back, so viewers will see two boardrooms and two firings. Celebrity Apprentice spoiler fans at the Survivor Sucks forum believe that Kevin Jonas will be fired after the second task, with Gilbert Gottfried fired after the third task.

Which stars will excel this season and make it to the finale? There are Celebrity Apprentice spoilers indicating how things seem to play out, and fans can’t wait to see if they’re accurate. Was it fair that Keisha Knight Pulliam was fired by Trump after the first task, or should Donald have axed someone else in that initial Celebrity Apprentice boardroom?

[Image via The Hollywood Gossip]