Victoria Jackson Says We’ve Been Infiltrated By Muslim Bortherhood [Video]

Former Saturday Night Live cast member Victoria Jackson decided to provide us all with a belated Christmas present this year when she revealed that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the United States and are dead set on imposing Sharia law on the country.

The clip was spotted from her web show PolitiChicks which taped last week and in her diatribe she says her proof comes from a six-hour briefing in Washington, DC that was given by a former FBI agent who resigned from the agency in 2008 under shady circumstances.

Here’s what Victoria Jackson had to say:

“For six hours, I saw pictures and names and dates and facts and Islamic law books and Korans, Surahs for six hours and they proved to me… that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our highest positions in government and this is serious.”

She then took on the type of fanatical claim that birthers have come to enjoy, claiming that President Obama has supported Muslims sinc the start through his policies. She also says terrorist groups that have infiltrated the United States push a “You have to convert or be killed” ideology.

There is one thing missing from Victoria Jackson’s speech, one iota of proof that backs up any of her claims, although it does make for an amusing few minutes of viewing.

Here’s the Victoria Jackson diatribe in all it’s crazy schizophrenic type glory:

Couldn’t she have found one female to at least counterpoint her, instead the other ladies on the show look about as zoned out as 50s housewives on ludes. If nothing else the clip ads a few moments of giddy disbelief to a cloud day in my neck of the woods.

Do you think the Muslim brotherhood has infiltrated all parts of our upper government and is preparing to take over the United States in the near future or is Victoria Jackson fear mongering with nothing better to do?