Was Justin Bieber’s Bulge Bulked, ‘Happy Trail’ Photoshopped For Calvin Klein Ads?

Justin Bieber’s sizable package and ripped pecs in his new Calvin Klein underwear and jeans ads with Dutch model Lara Stone set the internet on fire, after they were unveiled on Tuesday.

Reaction to the campaign from Beliebers and various non-fans has been mostly rapturous because — let’s be honest — the singer looks great.

However, some folk claim the Biebs padded his crotch and think the brand Photoshopped extra definition onto his muscles.

Meanwhile, TMZ has published two side-by-side pics of Bieber. One is a screengrab from the video he filmed with with Lara, the other is a glossy photo taken for the print ad.

In the print ad shot (righthand image), Justin has a Christmas tree-shaped “happy trail” of hair on his pelvis. But, in the screengrab from the video (lefthand image), his pelvic bone appears baby smooth.

In the immortal words of TMZ, the site suggests the 20-year-old singer has been given a “digital pelvic merkin” (or digital pubic wig) in the print ad, to make him appear more manly. The site speculates this is because the CK brand has previously been criticized for using hairless models.

Check out the pictures below.

Justin Bieber Happy Trail

Of course, it’s entirely possible Justin just shaved his lower torso on request and no digital magic was used at all.

In the nearly nude Instagram snap below, which was posted by the heartthrob last August, he clearly has a “happy trail” on his pelvis area.

Given that evidence, we have to say the idea that millions of people might be poring over Bieber’s Calvin Klein ads in a desperate attempt to prove he hasn’t got pubic hair is pretty hilarious.


Moving on. On Wednesday (and since), a few tweeters took to the social network claiming Bieber’s muscles in the Calvin Klein ads are Photoshopped and his crotch was bulked up.

“They airbrushed Justin Bieber to the high heavens!” one tweeter wrote.

“I wonder if Calvin Klein make socks.?..If so they have been put to good use as packing material..!!!!” another snarked.

Justin Bieber haters

Mail Online wrote, “His [Bieber’s] abs do seem slightly more defined in the campaign shots compared to a softer appearance in the video co-starring Lara Stone.”

The key word in that sentence these seems to be “slightly,” but lets check out that claim.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

Looking at the two pics, it does seem as if the singer’s muscles are slightly more defined in the print ad. However, this may be because Bieber’s skin in the shot is darker. This is most likely down to tanning cream, a tan, or digital darkening.

It’s worth bearing in mind that airbrushing in the underwear modeling/beauty world is par for the course in a multi-million dollar campaign and all fashion, music or other art photo shoots. Why? Because enhancement makes them look better. But the raw material is still the raw material.

For those unaware of Bieber’s bridge to buffdom. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the singer has been working with Swedish fitness trainer Patrick Nilsson in a weight training and body building program since 2012.

Bieber recently talked about his fitness regime to prepare for the CK campaign. Click here to view.

So while it’s fair to say the Canadian isn’t The Rock, he’s also come a long way physically since his “Baby” days.

Justin Bieber

And so to the crotch carping.

Are the cries of “Justin Bieber stuffed his crotch” and “That’s got to be a sock!” easy snark from haters who just don’t like the Biebs, or are they on to something?

E! muses that the singer could have been given help on the CK set to “give the illusion of an impressive package.”

Frankly, who’s to know? But, does anyone really think Bieber (or any guy) would sign up to an international Calvin Klein underwear campaign if he really had nothing of note to flaunt? As his on-off relationship with the actress-singer Selena Gomez may suggest, “The Heart Wants What It Wants” — but so does the body.

Happy red-circling everyone.

[Images via calvinklein.com]