WWE Divas: AJ Lee Could Transition To UFC, Says CM Punk At UFC 182 [Video]

Out of all the WWE Divas, AJ Lee is probably the only female wrestler holding it all together. When CM Punk spoke at UFC 182 he was asked about other WWE wrestlers that might transition to MMA over time, and he admitted his wife could be one of them.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, even though CM Punk has not even had a single UFC match yet, he’s already giving tips and claims that Brock Lesnar needs to spar more so he won’t be so pained when getting punched in the face. Unfortunately, AJ Lee’s injury has her sidelined, although the good news is that it gives her plenty of time to catch up with her husband in the new year.

Much of that time has been spent hanging with friends in the UFC crowd. During UFC 182, CM Punk spent almost an hour talking during a Q & A session where he discussed everything from his MMA training to where the “CM” in CM Punk comes from (Punk said that the CM is from “Chuck Mosley” of Faith No More fame).

Some questions compared Punk to Brock Lesnar’s UFC career, but CM Punk believes he will take a different path, although he’s happy for what the other man accomplished during his time in the UFC. CM Punk also said Lesnar laid a business blueprint for WWE wrestlers transitioning to the UFC.

That’s when CM Punk was asked about who he thought could also end up in the UFC over time. Perhaps giving us a hint of things to come, CM Punk said he couldn’t count out AJ Lee as a possibility. He also noted that Daniel Bryan has been doing MMA training and said Samoa Joe could have done well in the MMA world.

The idea that AJ Lee may leave the WWE Divas has been a speculated upon throughout 2014, and it could be argued AJ Lee has been leaving a trail of hints along the way. Not even a month ago, AJ Lee made a cryptic comment when talking to the announcers, saying, “You’re going to miss me when I’m gone.” In addition, when she spoke during Monday Night RAW‘s Slammy Awards about winning the WWE Diva Of The Year award she seemed to indicate she would not be with the WWE a year from then.

“Three years ago I promised all of you I would redefine the term diva, and I am very proud to say I sure have done that. So I hope that means that next year this award is won by Bailey, or Sasha, or Charlotte, or Emma, or Paige. Any of those girls can be next in line for the throne, but I’m not done being queen.”

Regardless of the WWE rumor mongering, one thing known for certain is that CM Punk and AJ Lee enjoyed their time together at UFC 182.

Do you think CM Punk and AJ Lee will both go skipping off together into the arms of the UFC?