Wisconsin Bowhunter Gets Attacked By Deer He Shot With Arrow, Internet Reacts In A Big Way

A Wisconsin hunter was hurt in Fond du Lac County, when he was attacked by a deer he shot with an arrow during the state’s bow hunting season.

Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s officer Jeff Bonack said the man was bow hunting shortly before 7:30 p.m. on Friday with a crossbow. The 72-year-old bow hunter saw a doe, and shot it, wounding the animal. The man followed, tracking the animal via its blood. The man encountered a section of thick brush and was pushing through it, when the wounded deer suddenly leapt out and struck the hunter in the leg with her head, knocking him to the ground.

The man was hunting with family members when he was attacked by the doe. One of them called authorities, and the injured hunter was taken to the hospital via an ambulance.

This story quickly made the rounds via Facebook and Twitter, and the response was adamant from two different groups: individuals that favor animal rights and who were essentially rooting for the deer, and avid hunters who thought it was inhumane to think that the hunter “deserved” what happened to him.

Here’s some examples of the reactions.

On the Green Bay Press Gazette’s Facebook page, things got much, much more heated. Some commenters said things like “Good Job Deer!” and “Karma,” others fought back in favor of the hunter.

One commenter named Dave Olsen said, “I hope they tracked that doe down and turned her in to summer sausage, jerky, and landjaegers, haha! To you folks that are happy that guy got hurt- you gotta give up your out of touch ‘disneyland’ views of the world. I’d take a venison steak over anything you goofs buy at the meat counter at the local grocery store! So drop your fast food chicken sandwich, put down your leather purse and quit being such hypocrites, lol.”

Hyunsoon Whang replied, “I am an animal lover and hate hunters. Something is all wrong with any person who wants to hurt/kill. Good for the doe! He deserved to be hurt.”

Logan Davis wrote, “You people are some sissy ass tree hugging liberals. You wouldn’t be here if your ancestors didn’t hunt. That’s the way the world works. Kill or be killed. I bet yall eat vegetables and meat filled with hormones that you buy at the grocery store though. Have fun getting cancer while I eat some fresh lean, healthy venison from the TWO fat does that I shot yesterday.”

Amy Rose stated, “Haha, that’s what you get for missing the kill shot and letting her suffer!”

What do you think about the debate over the injured hunter from Wisconsin? Instant karma, or a tough break?

[Image via Elk USA]