Doe Gets Revenge, Attacks Man After Being Shot With Arrow

A doe got revenge on the same man that shot her with an arrow by attacking him.

An unnamed 72-year-old man was injured on Friday, January 2, in Fond du Lac County after the female deer launched upon him, even though she still had an arrow through her neck. He had been out on the Peebles Trail near Highway K in Taycheedah, Wisconsin, when the incident took place.

The hunter had gone out bow hunting with various members of his family. It's believed that the man had struck the doe with the arrow a few hours before he was subsequently attacked. He then went back out to try and track down the animal only to find out that the deer was still alive and had the arrow through her neck. Fond du Lac Sheriff's Officer Jeff Bonack added further details surrounding this bizarre case of vengeance.

"Apparently the man was going through some thick brush and the deer leaped out and went after him. The doe struck him in the leg with her head."
According to the Green Bay Press Gazette, the man was then taken to St. Agnes Hospital in Fond du Lac after an ambulance picked him up at about 7:30 p.m. Bonack went on to predict, "I'm guessing the deer got away."

This is far from the first animal attack story to have emerged since the start of 2015.

Earlier today, the Inquisitr reported that an animal handler who owns a Queensland wildlife park was attacked over the weekend by a crocodile. The animal is believed to have attacked his left hand and head.

Fifty-eight-year-old Ian Jenkins was allegedly trying to get the attention of the crocodile by holding a chicken in his hand. A spokesman later went on to add further details regarding the tragic incident.

"He's taken his hat off and was holding his hat in his left hand, when the crocodile jumped up and grabbed his hat and his left hand. The crocodile has bitten his left hand and amputated his left thumb."
Jenkins was lucky to survive as the crocodile not only dragged him into the water, but he also then tried to put him in a "death roll."

Jenkins' wife, Barbara, revealed that the attack unfolded because he had misjudged the crocodile's speed.

"It is as simple as Macca [the crocodile] took a swipe at him and actually connected. We had another person in the enclosure… if it wasn't for her quick thinking getting the attention away from Ian it would have been worse."
[Image via BP]