Naked Man Arrested: Broke Into Homes To Use Hot Tubs And Drink Booze

Most burglars break into a home to steal valuables, but an Oregon man, who broke into two homes, apparently just wanted to get naked and relax.

According to local news, KBOI2, police received a 911 call from a woman who was house sitting. She reported that she had been awakened by noises in the laundry room of the N. Lakefare Place home she was staying in.

The woman said she went to investigate and the door of the laundry room suddenly slammed shut. She then grabbed a knife, called 911 and her husband, and waited for police to arrive.

When officers arrived at the house, they searched it and found a naked man hiding inside. The man was later identified as 24-year-old Guillermo Brambila Lopez of Woodburn, Oregon.

Lopez cooperated with police and told them he had entered the house through a window in the laundry room by pulling off the screen and forcing the window open.

Police also found another home on N. Lakefare Place with missing screens, and determined Lopez had broken into it as well. Nothing was stolen, but the naked man had helped himself to the homeowners’ shower, booze, and hot tub during his unauthorized “visit.”

AP reports that Lopez was arrested without incident and taken to the local police department. The naked man gave no excuse for breaking into the home he was found in — maybe he just needed more towels?

Lopez isn’t the only burglar who prefers to do his break-ins naked. Several naked burglars have been arrested in the past year, and none of them seemed interested in stealing anything.

The Inquisitr reported in November, 2014 that a naked man broke into a San Francisco home and bit the couple that lived there.

Another man, 31-year old Joseph Carl Bryant, was arrested Saturday when police found him sleeping naked in a tanning booth at the Staunton, Virginia tanning salon he had broken into and vandalized. Police told the Staunton News Leader that nothing appeared to be stolen and that the cash register and its contents were untouched.

The New York Daily News reported last year that Lucas Leffel, dubbed the “naked intruder,” was arrested for breaking into a string of homes in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Leffel admitted to police after his arrest that he stripped down naked, entered the homes, then snuck into bedrooms to touch sleeping women. He said he broke in to the homes because he was “attracted to women’s buttocks.”

Leffel was arrested after his mother spotted him in her front yard wearing only boxer shorts. He had just ran from one of the homes he had burglarized when the woman living there woke up as the naked man was lifting her pajama pants while she slept. His mother reported him to the police.

[Image via The Miami Herald]