Dallas Cowboys Are Exceeding Expectations, And People Are Not Happy! [Opinion]

As someone who is familiar with the Dallas Cowboys lore, thanks to being the child of a long-suffering fan, I admit I don’t hate the Cowboys as much as I should.

And I should hate them after they shellacked my Indianapolis Colts. Despite that disaster of a game, I respect this new and improved Cowboys team.

This can’t exactly be said of everyone, as the Cowboys’ unexpected comeback win over the Detroit Lions has exposed just how hated the Dallas Cowboys and their fans really are by other NFL fans.

I find the emotional reaction to the Dallas Cowboys win to be amusing for a few reasons. First, there’s the soon to be infamous call reversal that everyone is going to be talking about for as long as the Cowboys remain in the playoffs.

God forbid the Dallas Cowboys actually win the Super Bowl this year. People will never shut up about it!

In fact, before the game even ended, there was talk of a major conspiracy when a referee decided to cancel a call against the Dallas Cowboys. I just can’t believe I now live in a world where people think that the Dallas Cowboys are being favored by officials. Especially not when we live in a world that also contains the New England Patriots.

Secondly, the Dallas Cowboys are in the playoffs after a 12-4 season and a flawless road record.

Flawless. Road. Record.

A year ago I would have eaten my hat, my dad’s hat, and the neighbor’s hat before ever believing those were words I’d put in a sentence to describe anything having to do with the Dallas Cowboys. But there it is, and I am dealing with it.

Although the regular season becomes irrelevant to the post-season reality of all teams involved, as the Carolina Panthers proved earlier this weekend, it’s clear that Dallas is not a team to be underestimated.

If Dallas still feels more comfortable as the visiting team than they do as the home team, the Green Bay Packers could be in trouble. And on that note, I’ll wrap up by saying that if you’re going to soothe yourself with “That’s okay! Next week, the Cowboys are going definitely to lose!” you’d might as well tune out the rest of the playoffs and focus on what your team can do to make it to post-season next year.

There’s no point in hate watching the Dallas Cowboys in the hopes that you’ll eventually be right about them not winning the Super Bowl. Remember, a lot of you Salty Sams were crowing about how the Cowboys would not survive the Lions. Can you risk trying to talk through that many crow feathers in your mouths?

What are you going to do with yourselves if they win the Super Bowl? Spend the next year whining about one controversial call in a game and how that made it possible? Complain to whoever will listen about how if “the refs didn’t cheat,” the Cowboys would go back to being a terrible team and Tony Romo would go back to always choking?

You can do this, but it would certainly be a bitter and sad existence. Made even more bitter no doubt that the Dallas Cowboys of all teams made it possible. Instead, accept reality: Bad call or no bad call, it was up to the Dallas Cowboys to dig deep and make that comeback. Just as it has been when they’ve found themselves in similar situations earlier this season.

If Dallas lacked the quality to make the most of any opportunity, including this controversial reversal, we wouldn’t even be talking about this. This is a record-breaking team with a lot of potential to be even more devastating in the future if given the right players and opportunities.

And if you are completely honest, I think what Dallas Cowboys haters really hate is the possibility that we are witnessing the return of the formidable Dallas Cowboys of decades past. If that’s true, no amount of whining will alter that outcome.

In fact, I say that the idea that football fans are actually arguing about referees cheating for the Dallas Cowboys just might be a clearer sign that “America’s Team” is back than anything that happens next week in Wisconsin.

Welcome back, Dallas Cowboys.

Welcome back.

[Image Credit: Dallas Cowboys Twitter]