Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran: Aspiring Model Upset That Her Family Doesn’t Like Him

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran are reportedly back together. But that doesn’t mean that the aspiring model’s family approves of it. Karreuche’s relationship with Chris could put a strain on her relationship with her family, according to Hollywood Life. Apparently, her family doesn’t like Chris and it’s creating a tension between her and her family.

It’s not surprising that Tran’s family wouldn’t like Brown. According to the Hollywood Life exclusive report, Tran is considering marrying Brown. Chris Brown, 25, and Karrueche Tran, 26, got back together a few weeks ago after having an explosive brawl on Instagram.

The couple is reportedly more serious than ever and is even considering marriage. That recent news doesn’t make Tran’s family happy that she’s considering marrying Brown.

“Karrueche understands her family’s reasons for not liking Chris. She’s tired of hearing them tell her how awful he’s treated her and how she should leave him and be with someone else who they think will treat her better. Karrueche absolutely respects her family and loves them to death but she’s not going to leave Chris and it’s causing tension.”

There’s nothing that can make the Tran and Brown relationship any better. It’s putting a strain on Tran’s relationship with her family. But it looks like they’re just looking out for her. The source added that Tran’s mom just needs to have a talk with Brown.

“She’s hoping that Chris and Joyce Hawkins will be willing to sit down for a meal with some of her family and just hash their feelings out. She wants everything to be out in the open and address whatever issues the sides have.”

Chris started dating Karrueche when he was back together with Rihanna. Karrueche and Chris briefly split in October, 2012 when Chris admitted in a leaked video that he was “in love with two people” at the same time.”

Brown and Tran briefly split again last month, after the rapper accused her of cheating on him with rapper Drake, and partaking in threesomes. Brown and Tran spilled all of the dirty details about their relationship in lengthy Instagram messages.



Chris and Karrueche then reunited on New Year’s Eve. Chris shared a video of him and Karrueche sharing a kiss, but the video has been removed from Chris’ Instagram account. Fortunately for the rest of the world, the video hasn’t completely disappeared from the internet.

Now, it seems like things are getting even more serious for Brown and Tran, according to a previous report on Inquisitr. Tran is hoping that Brown will change his ways before they walk down the aisle. Tran shared photos of two large rings on her fingers on Instagram. There is speculation that the rings could be engagement rings, and that Brown and Tran have since reconciled.

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