'All About That Bass' Parody Calls Out Meghan Trainor

While Meghan Trainor may be seeing a lot of commercial success with her song "All About That Bass," not everyone is on board with her body shaming and hypocrisy, and at least one parody artist is calling her out for it.

Meghan Trainor's catchy tune has lent itself to a number of recent parodies of "All About That Bass," but none of them dissected the major problems with the song and personally called out Meghan Trainor herself the way Bart Baker has done in his "All About That Bass" parody.

Early in the song, Baker's team points out one of the main problems that critics are having with the tune.

"The catchy tune's message should have been we're equal/but it shames thin women, thin women."
Baker doesn't stop there. In response to Meghan Trainor's line "I'm bringing booty back," Baker's team retorts with, "Booty never left, that statement is trash," and then drives home what should have been the point of the original song with this line.
"You're actually normal/every inch of you is perfect stop acting like a victim!"
Beyond reverse body shaming in "All About That Bass," with Meghan Trainor referring to those "skinny b*tches," the parody also picks up on one of the most serious problems with Trainor's song, and with much of what is in media's message today and does so brilliantly.
"Yeah my mamma she told me that being big is sexy/ and that it turns on men which totally validates me/...I thought this song was suppose to be about loving you for you/ so then why are you basing your self worth off of pleasing dudes?"
While Meghan Trainor had a chance to make a positive statement about body image and self-worth, many critics say she fell flat by simply feeding into the same exact messages that objectifying yourself is the only way a girl can have self-worth or be successful. She is simply trying to change the dress size focus for which such objectification occurs while still shaming anyone who does not live up to the different standard, which is basically what the industry has been doing all along.

Popular YouTuber Bart Baker is known for doing quite a number of similar high-quality parodies that keep to the originals very well, while at the same time calling them out for their often derogatory and offensive messages, such as his parody of the controversial rape anthem "Blurred Lines" written by Pharrell and performed by Robin Thicke and the ultra-creepy feminist nightmare that is Maroon 5's latest song "Animals."