Cheyanne Willis Update: Woman Who Helped Brutally Beat Girl In Parking Lot Speaks Out With Totally Different Story [Video]

Cheyanne Willis recently made headlines when footage and photos of her brutal assault surfaced online. For those who missed it, Willis was reportedly lured to a parking lot by her ex-boyfriend, Quincy Gardner, where six women brutally assaulted her.

The 19-year-old girl was humiliated and beaten by the group of women who slammed her onto the hood of a car and even shaved the side of her head. Then, they wrote, “I got my a– whooped,” across her forehead. Willis’ was also robbed by the gang of women. They reportedly stole her cell phone and $50 from her purse.

Now, surprisingly Fisher has fired back with a response defending her reasoning for partaking in the heinous assault. Apparently, Fisher was an accomplice of Willis’ ex-boyfriend, reports Mad World News. However, she’s giving a totally different account of how the beating occurred. She recently spoke with WCPO about the situation. Fisher revealed that their disagreements began over her Chevrolet Impala. She reportedly let Willis borrow the vehicle to commute to work. Willis’ use of the car was supposed to be temporary, but she reportedly ended up keeping the car for more than a month.

“She stole my car,” Fisher said. “Everyone’s saying that I sold it to her. She did not give me money for anything.”

Although Fisher corresponded with Willis via text message and voiced her frustrations, there was no resolve — until the physical altercation took place. The brutal assault was actually Fisher’s way of getting the car back.

“I didn’t really punch her or anything – I just slapped her up and pretty much put fear in her heart,” Fisher said. “She’s hollering, cussing him out, cussing me out, then charged at us,” Fisher said. “We didn’t plan on fighting or anything — we just planned on going, getting my car, and leaving.”

Although Fisher felt the situation justified the horrific beating, many who have viewed the fight aren’t buying it. Regardless of what Willis allegedly did, many feel there were other ways to resolve the issue involving the vehicle. Fisher and Willis’ ex-boyfriend now face robbery charges for the items they stole from Willis’ purse.

Do you feel that the brutal beating of Cheyanne Willis was justified? Share your thoughts.

[Image(s) via WCPO, Facebook]