Federal BOP Posts Teresa Guidice’s Inmate Info Online: Not Going To FCI Danbury?

RHONJ star Teresa Giudice is officially a prison inmate hours ahead of her arrival at a federal prison, with the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) preparing for the Real Housewives of New Jersey star to turn herself in on January 5.

Teresa has already been assigned an inmate number, and her information has been posted under the “Find An Inmate” section on the BOP website. However, Tre may not be heading to FCI Danbury in Danbury, Connecticut, as many have assumed.

Federal Bureau of Prisons Already Have Teresa Giudice in the system…it’s about to get real. However, she may not be heading to FCI Danbury in Danbury, Connecticut as many have assumed.

— Reality Show Report (@RealityShowRept) January 4, 2015

The Record reports that while it is likely that the Tre will report to the women’s minimum-security camp, the BOP has “declined to confirm that Danbury is where Teresa will serve her time.”

Is it possible that Teresa Giudice is heading to a prison camp in Alderson, West Virginia, instead?

When Giudice was sentenced, there were rumors that she might serve time at FPC Alderson in West Virginia. Alderson is the same prison camp that Martha Stewart spent five months in back in 2004 for lying to federal investigators about a stock sale.

Stewart was initially headed to FCI Danbury after she was sentenced, but according to the New York Times, the BOP decided against it because “the news media could too easily access the facility.”

U.S. District Judge Esther Salas informed Teresa and her legal team back in October that the Federal Bureau of Prisons had selected Danbury for her, but where she ends up won’t be known until she checks in on Monday. Giudice’s request to serve time in a half-way house was declined by Salas, who instead recommended FCI Danbury. While chances are good that she will be heading to Connecticut on Monday, the BOP has the right to make changes to an inmate’s placement at any time.

“We wouldn’t address it until the inmate actually surrenders or is brought to our custody. What we try to do is put an inmate within 500 miles of their release address to facilitate that family-and-friends contact.”

Alderson, West Virginia, is slightly less than 500 miles from Teresa Giudice’s home in Towaco, New Jersey, making it an option for the Federal Bureau of Prisons in light of their efforts to place inmates within 500 miles of their home.

Whether Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is headed to Danbury or Alderson on Monday has yet to be confirmed by the Federal BOP, but there is one thing that is certain: Teresa will spend the next 15 months away from her husband, Joe Giudice, and her four daughters.

[Images: American Corrections Association, Bravo TV]